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Pendants – Cheap and Lovely Accessory

A pendant is an accessory attractive and suitable for every age and every event. It can be a plastic bead at the pendant for three-year old girl or a majestic diamond pendant for thirty-year old woman, the pendant is still the item of ideal decorative function. From theepoch of камень. Еще со времен palaeolith many nations are known to use this decoration and today we see millions of various pendant from various material.

Unusual Tie Clips: the Terrain of Men’s Accessories

Even fashion-clueless men cannot resist the allure of jewelry; they still have a touching weakness for the shimmering precious metals and sparkling gemstones, though probably hidden deep within. Sometimes they inadvertently reveal their passion with the flashy watch, diamond studs, or some really unusual tie clips. Tie clips or bars, however, are inherently male accessories. They clip horizontally across a man's tie and hold it to his shirt, stabilizing it while also assuring that the skinny part will not emerge from behind the wide part. Luckily, modern designers do not neglect tie clips when working on the look of the present-day gentleman, and make them into a functional and sophisticated accessory.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy – First in All She Does

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (born Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi) is an Italian-born French songwriter, singer, and former model. She was more known as the model in other countries but France until she married to the President of the French Republic and has become the First Lady since February 2008. Sometime ago Carla was named as the European mantid with the smile of a Terminator by the French novelist Justine Lévy, daughter of philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy.  Justine was anxious and upset about the fact that the eccentric Carla broke her marriage with the TV host, a professor of French philosophy Raphael Enthoven, who was ten years younger than her.

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Michelle Obama Style: Dress-code for First Lady

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Michelle Obama StyleThe whole world was guessing which attire will be preferred by the wife of the first dark-skin President of America at the Inauguration Day. The news was snowballing, one contradicting another. Just think of all the designers salivating over the idea of making Michelle's inaugural gown and every designer was discussing the attire s/he could prepare for her. Michelle's style was created on the pages of fashion papers; the blogs were burning up with opinions about her dress and were replicated in workshops. And by the 20th January the situation resembled the world paranoia.

And there goes Michelle Obama. Nobody expected THAT. Well, everybody suspected, they put high hopes, but nobody thought that she would appear so beautiful to death.

The White House has not seen so sensitive elegance intensified by courage and inborn style for ages.

The comparisons to Jackie Kennedy were really off the mark

Some very skeptic faultfinders will most likely press their lips soon after a couple of hours after the Inauguration Day. They were weighing in on whether it was a hit or miss. They mentioned that Obama simply copied the style after Jacqueline Kennedy! She was wonderful, this lady! She was fine and super. The Queen. And here just Michelle; she has certain vision, definitely. But nothing special».

And Michelle just smiles and says, «This is my style. When holidays bring to end and my weekdays come, I will stay the same and will not change my preferences».

It is widely known that Michelle has special, rigorous and brilliant taste in clothes. She appreciates works of «classic» designers like Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, as well as young and less known American designers Maria Pinto, Thakoon, Narciso Rodriguez. But what about Jason Wu and Isabel Toledo? Some fashion reviewers stated after the ceremony of inauguration that they did foresee the choice of First Lady. Surely, exactly like this. Post factum prediction, what can be easier?

Isabel Toledo - ‘Freedom Island' in fashion industry

The First Lady commenced her first day wearing a wonderful and beautiful dress by Isabel Toledo, designer from Cuba based in New York. Pale yellow shift dress (which will be called as ‘sunny', ‘unripe lemon' shade, yet the designer referred to the shade of ‘lemon grass') was triumphant and Michelle dared to step over the unwritten laws. All former First Ladies should have symbolized coldness and purity - something very heavenly, agamic and not at all sexual. Moreover, the President and his wife were allowed to shake hands only neglecting hot looks, stroking or half-smiles. Let the electors think that presidents' have budding reproduction system. What about the Obama couple? You must have noticed how he looked at her?

The true shade of the First Lady's Inauguration Dress is not a scandal. This is the symbol of the new epoch, at least due to the temper and customs of the White House.

Isabel Toledo, whose perfect hands created pale yellow sensation is not Native American, she moved to USA with her parents from Cuba as a child. Who knows may be the choice of the First Lady is a symbol of new stage in Migration Policy of USA?

Mrs. Toledo (by the way, she is married to an artist) is well-known in New York as a designer who makes attires for new coming stars and young soap opera actresses, like Leighton Meester, Joy Bryant and Kerry Washington. Her visit card is precise lines and strict, practically geometry figures. Shortly before the «Х-Day» Isabel said, «Mrs. Obama has shapely figure. A special and natural grace is typical to her, her every movement is balanced and easy. I would like to add some brilliance to her only..» By the way, Michelle several times chose attires by Isabel Toledo. For example, that incredible black tunic and wide trousers last year.

Case-dress and light coat, an ensemble by Isabel Toledo, is made from high quality wool with silky lining (the coat was even heated by special inserts, since 20 it was very frosty on January).

Accessories are classic forever

Michelle Obama knows that a temper of a woman is noticed in details. And how else the really unexpected choice - pale green J. Crew gloves and brilliant green shoes by Jimmy Choo - can be explained? The other staff looked something different next to the unique masterpiece by Isabel Toledo? By the way, daughters of the President were wearing coats by J.Crew. The color of Malia's coat was called by critics as «dark blue periwinkle», and the shade of the elegant attire of Sasha was called as «intensive coral shade with sweet guava elements».

Michelle appeared at the ball wearing dangling shining earrings and curly bracelet on her right hand by Loree Rodkin. Diamond jewels very well matched the shine of crystals of the dress, and this is a real classic genre.

So who is Jason Wu?

Till January 20 Jason was just a young designer well-known in private society. He was perspective but not more than that, he was in short of good money for PR actions. So, could the 26-year-old Asian native (he arrived to Big Apple from Taipei - the place of temporary stay of the Representation of the Chinese Republic during the communist riot in Taiwan») imagine that the First Lady will dance in his dress at the Inauguration Ball?

For the ball after the official ceremony of inauguration Michelle Obama chose an ensemble by Isabel Toledo, not so radical but an airy dress of ivory color embroidered by organza and crystals, asymmetric in shoulders and of classic ballroom length. That was very wise - to   accustom the society to the new gradually paying homage to traditions and remembering the achievements of forerunners.

They say that Mr. Wu and Mrs. Obama got to know each other with the help editor-in-chief of the ubiquitous Vogue, and his last show was visited by Anna Wintour who quite approvingly said about the silhouette of hour-glass and smooth cascades of folds».

Jason himself stated that he even did not know that the First Lady chose his dress for the ball. He said, ‘I learned about it together with the world. I did not believe my eyes. I thought that a dress is similar to mine. Well, I had a pizza in my hands, and I dropped it on myself and hardly slipped. And my friends were standing by me and whistling'.

Frugality in crisis

One more thing that could be appreciated by the Americans only. When the country is in the crisis, the First Lady supported and encouraged young designers but not preferred a French or Italian designer so loved by others. She expressed that moderateness is the way to rehabilitation. Her attires did not cost a fortune, and hardly whoever can say that she is a spendthrift. Thus, a spring version of the ensemble by Isabel Toledo will be at the retailers by February at the price of one thousand and a half USD. The luxury dress by Jason Wu styled «the same as Michelle's» will cost you $3 000-$6 000. It is known that the First Lady will donate her ballroom dress for charity purposes.

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