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Victoria Beckham: Financial Style Icon

The life story of Victoria Beckham is the story of success. She is a popular performer, happy mother and wife, an acclaimed fashion designer and a successful businesswoman. She is world famous. Victoria Beckham nee Adams has always dreamt of being famous, even as a little girl - she was inspired by watching the musical Fame, and subsequently decided that she would become famous. It was then that her parents enrolled her at Jason Theatre School. At 17 she attended Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, Surrey and studied dance and modelling. She was also in a band called ‘Persuasion'. 99% of girls would settle for this, but not Victoria.

Semi-Precious Stones Glittering Symbols

Mohs scale of hardness put the start to division of stones for precious and semi-precious and in ancient times various stones ere appreciated for various cases. So, the Egyptians preferred jewelry from emeralds, turquoise, amethysts and rock crystal while the Romans loved diamonds and sapphires. During the Renaissance and baroque epochs wealthy people preferred rubies, sapphires and topazes while the rococo period dictated diamonds to glitter on clothing. So, stones were selected to match the clothing, the mood and personal preferences.

Watch caskets luxury accessory for time keepers

The watch is the jewelry that exerts the special attention. The mechanism known for the complex, accurate and delicate peculiarity does not stand the negligent approach for it needs care and foster. Watch boxes is the perfect solution to store reputed watches with comfort as family collection as well as antique wristwatches and pocket time keepers. The exclusive models of cases come as the best gift for VIP persons offering the lavish gift package for the watch of less value.

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Pantyhose 2010

Saturday, 30 January 2010

pantyhose 2010 fashionThe Autumn-Winter Collections boast with various pantyhose along with the clothes and shoes. Almost recently the pantyhose were the item that was required for all occasions being the regular item of clothing. The last seasons were quite extreme for the public when the designers made the pantyhose into something really exclusive and extravagant.

The pantyhose of the most vivid colors, unique prints with decorative elements and embroidery seem to be in vogue forever. The pantyhose of all colors of thepantyhose 2010 fashion rainbow seized the hearts and mind of women after they are launched in Fashion collections Winter-2010, from extravagant designers to classic brands that could not resist to bright and flamboyant colors of the new fashion item.

Anna Sui included the pantyhose of the glowing and almost the neon color in her new collection, Marc Jacobs practiced red pantyhose and PPQ used strikingly green color. The most reputed colors of pantyhose for this season appear the red, purple, lilac, brown-red, blue and terracotta. The colored pantyhose can add the strong meaning to the plain casual attire and the bright color is perfectly balanced with the single-color dress and classic high boots.

Most fashion designers prefer matching the flamboyance of the color with the prints and thus, Henry Holland created contrasting green-and-white pantyhose to compliment his vivid green, yellow and blue ensembles, Erin Fetherston demonstrated zebra stripes on her models and Alexander McQueen complimented his abstract pantyhose with red-and-black analogous patterns. The abstract prints on pantyhose maintains the ground to simple geometric patterns by vogue, and Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs and Eley Kishimoto launched pantyhose with incredibly bright abstract lines of all colors of the rainbow. And French designers pantyhose 2010 fashionOlivier Gonnet and Marie Dubois chose more thoroughgoing colors for their collections, from veins painted as authentic veins to the ants and flower ornament.

The other trendy patterns for pantyhose this winter season is the flowery and elegant floret patterns to add the unique nuance to the evening attire. Moreover, the fashionable patterns are the dots, geometric prints and even paisley. Half-translucent black pantyhose in dots appeared in winter collection by Balenciaga. As for Jean-Paul Gaultier, he preferred the geometric and contrasting match of two color shades and the pantyhose of white and beige stripes combined with solid black stripes and black translucent.

Women pantyhose created by French fashion designers distinguish with the special flirt and allurement and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Balenciaga and Christian Lacroix made the plain black pantyhose the decorative garment when he ornamented it like the finest lace. Such pantyhose are perfect to wear with the classic little dress or combine with ensembles from luxury fabric, from satin to velvet so much demanded in Autumn-Winter 2009-2010. Christian Lacroix matched the laced black pantyhose with the lace of the evening dresses. pantyhose 2010 fashion

The other fashion trend set by designers is the decoration of pantyhose with quite surprising décor elements, from cut outs to spangles, crystals and beads. The decorative flowers from beads and crystals decorated the pantyhose by Miu Miu, the spangles are seen with Luella Bartley and Cynthia Rowley. The fashion brand Doo.Ri exhibits the laced pantyhose embroidered with the brilliant crystals. The Dolce&Gabbana designers decorated the solid plain black pantyhose with the tiny stripe of ruche from black satin on the rear. 

As the essential and free garment in the wardrobe of any woman, differing to be more extravagant than the innovative dress, the pantyhose just win. The dazzling pantyhose or the pantyhose with the unique pattern add some fresh look to the plain casual outfit and they cost far lesser than a new fashionable dress or a trendy handbag that were carrying the decorative element in the entire image. Now the pantyhose with the creative and overgenerous patterns may have this niche with the pride and success.

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Tunics 2011 Fashion Trends

Several thousands years ago, in ancient Rome, the tunic as the baggy clothing of the simplest tailoring, with cut outs for hands and the head, equally appropriate for men and women. The designer tunics of today are not like the old versions of tunics in regards to length. Today trendy tunics successfully complement the ensembles in casual style and the business-like wear as well finding its place in seasonal collections of fashion houses. Light and feminine tunics in boho style are the best for warm spring and summers season, though by the collections of autumn-winter 2010-2011 show, fashion designers do not plan to refuse this garment of women wear when creating collections for the autumn wear.

Trendiest Handbags Spring 2011

The coming spring season 2011 will be exclusively varied from design offered by fashiondesigners and from the point of view of trendy accessories. Luckily, in spite of the variety of designer handbags for the coming spring season, the new collections show some general trends. So, one of the trendy accessories of the coming season is clutch, and the key parameter when choosing stylish handbags is the color. Many fashion designers have turned the clutch into the perfect alternative for traditional handbag making it bigger in size.

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The Risks of Plastic Surgery: What Are You Ready to Sacrifice?

At all times, the best minds entertained the idea of preserving the beauty and youth of human body, and there are many records of bold attempts to translate this idea into reality, from scientifically consistent methods to pure magic and the search for the legendary philosopher's stone. Finally, in the twentieth century, we witnessed the inception of plastic surgery, which can be regarded as a scientific equivalent of the philosopher's stone, and a huge leap in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. However, there is a huge fly in this perfect ointment.

Cacharel Amor Amor The Scent of Youth

Fashion houses that successfully launch collections of fashion wear are also sometimes involved in the new trend to launch the signature perfume to carry the concept of the trade mark. The French courtly refinement induced the tailor Jean Bousquet to found the company named after a small bird cacharel residing in the southern regions of the country. Amor, Amor by Cacharel is the accentuated lightness and romanticism as the icon style for admirers of this trade mark.