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The Debutante Ball: the Catwalk for Elite Fashions

The annual Debutante Ball held at the ultra-chic Le Crillon hotel has been a major event on the international social scene for more than a century now. These days the ball brings together the great fashion houses, and the budding roses of the international social scene. The guest list, although dominated by the international aristocracy, also includes celebrities from the world of art and sport. Debutantes are introduced, accompanied by their brothers, boyfriends and emotional mothers before sitting down for a meal, then being swept off their feet on the dance floor.

Luxury Kitchen Furniture

Your kitchen renovation works are drawing to a close, and it's high time to think about buying brand new kitchen furniture. And here you come to a problem of choice. Many kitchen furniture manufacturers claim that they offer the best product on the market. It's not surprising then that you are confused and puzzled, trying to choose kitchen furniture which is functional, esthetically appealing and stylish. In a word, luxury kitchen furniture. Not only will it give your kitchen an instant facelift, but also has the effect of tidying up and organizing a space. With so many designs available, the possibilities within reach to create a kitchen area that meets all of your specifications.

Pocket Watches: Comeback in Fashion

Pocket watch emerged as a fashion accessory when the watchmakers managed to make the massive clocks, with the smallest of which being grandfather clocks, into a more miniaturized version that could be used personally. Today, this stylish accessory once again makes a comeback to the wardrobe of a modern gentleman. Both rare antique watches and original timepieces by modern watchmakers are equally popular. However, pocket watches are not for men only, as ladies also start to embrace this elegant trend.

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Wedding Dresses - Shorter Models

Sunday, 07 June 2009

short wedding dressA wedding is a sacred ceremonial and unforgettable thing in the life of any woman. A bride at the event looks like a princess from fairy tales though all brides look like each other in their traditional full-length white wedding gowns. In spite of this widely spread tradition, there's an interesting trend in wedding dresses.  Evidently it's the reinvention of a trend from the 1950's!

Fancy dresses and weddings that cost a fortune aren't for everyone, and less expensive dresses in casual settings are a great solution.

Thus, a wedding dress should be short!

Short dresses are especially popular at informal outdoor weddings, beach weddings, destination weddings (easier to travel with!), and second and above weddings.

The wedding attire can be made from chiffon, silk, guipure, taffeta, satin and lace, velvet and white denim. Yes-yes, the denim that Pamela Anderson was at her wedding function.

The first short wedding dresses were created by incredible Gabrielle Coco Chanel who gave us almost all wonderful and comfortable wear in the current world. She imagined a wedding gown as a modest and elegant dress with a lower waist-line, slightly down the knees, with flounces and goffering. Yet, the veil was like a small derby hat. There comes the time of Twiggy who did shock the society with mini wedding dresses, yet in '70s the hippies got to the weddings and the society enjoyed wedding ensembles with embroidery, ethnic and folklore patterns.

Want to be know what the situation is currently? For your wedding party Oscar De La Renta offers magnificent short dresses with puffy down resembling tropical flowers, all for tender and romantic brides. Satin dress by Carolina Herrera are for sexual and elegant brides. Lanvin Couture House presented wedding tunics that will make brides unique but very modest.   Alberta Ferretti Brand launched collection of wedding dresses with a plenty of accessories. The upper part of gowns is generously decorated with jewels and you need nothing to compliment such attire. The neckline of simple Vera Wang wedding dress and its short length are perfect for a bride who wants a not-too-serious dress. Loose dresses by Prada embroidered with golden beads are also in the list of popular short wedding dresses.

A veil, does it suit the short dress? Why not though designers did not come to an agreement. Valentino, Versace and Balenciaga find short dresses with long veil elegant and charming while the others believe that bare hair styled into fancy hairdo with tropical flowers and jewels show solemnity and happiness of the event matching short wedding dresses.

If you choose short wedding dress you have a chance to wear it for other occasions as well, especially if it of other color but white. You may want to decorate your plain dress with beads, pearls or rhinestones and have an absolutely another dress for a wedding party.

Short wedding dresses look pretty cute, but definitely not traditional.  You probably need to have some nice legs and a nice figure to go with them. Though you should be accurate with short dresses since if you go out the borders you may look vulgar but not elegant. Take a small purse to match your dress.

With the right choice of dress design and accessories, informal short wedding dresses can be perfect for more casual nuptials without sacrificing beauty and style.

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DSquared: Fashion Squared

DSquared is a young fashion label known for its fresh and ambitious view on style and fashion, instantly recognizable and unique. Its name can be interpreted in many ways but actually DSquared means ‘D' squared, where ‘D' stands for creative duo of twin brothers, whose names begin with that letter, Dean and Dan Caten. But beyond that, DSquared stands for youth, boldness and courage, and sexiness, multiplied by the talent and hard work. In other words, trademark DSquared style is a collage of unique pieces that are mixed to from a sophisticated and elegant urban look.

Jumper for a Businessman

Hosiery garments are found in wardrobe of both men and women and the priority function of jersey pullovers and jumpers is to keep you warm all along with the business image and the relaxing and cozy home wear. Sweaters, vests and cardigans are not really associated with the business style of wear, though lately the clothes from jersey gradually penetrate the office dress code. Some people welcome this tendency, while others believe that simple way jumpers are suitable for the work atmosphere neither for men nor for women.

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Today face lifting, rhinoplasty, lip correction and all other plastic surgery procedures commit to add some attractiveness and beauty to women, to make them younger and more alluring. The willing to look beautiful and attractive is not a motif to a lavish life style but the remedy to live a successful life. Unpretentiousness in appearance is not fashionable since the medicine today is capable to show the miracles and correct any body defects with ease. Any face looks interesting when eyes and lips play a prominent role. And some people tend to make lips more prominent and eye-catching to perfection.

Krasnaya Moskva Perfume Scent of Legend

This scent was favorable for millions of women and still in XXI century it is also loved by many of them. Krasnaya Moskva is the perfume to symbolize the epoch and nostalgia for some women while others find it as the sign of conservative and outdated taste. The perfume loved by the Empress Maria Fedorovna, mother to Nikolay II was created by Henri Brocard in the early XX century and a century later it found the way to hearts of those who really appreciate the elegance in the classic glass bottle.