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Alexandrite a Gem for Kings

Alexandrite is the unique mineral among the other stones which are highly appreciated. Subject to international pricing catalogue, faceted pure 1-3 carat alexandrite from the Urals with the intensive effect of color changing costs from two to twenty thousand dollars per carat, while the less pure alexandrite from the same Urals will take you one to four thousands per carat. A big size stone is rare and if it is worth paying fortunes for something that is not a diamond?

Adriana Lima a Modest Supermodel

It seems that most top models from all over the world correspond to the particular stereotype and life style when their biography is examined. Supermodels are mainly too ambitious women with some delusions of grandeur, though. They aspire to exploit all their beauty and grace gifted by nature, youth when they are fifteen to twenty and the diligence to earn as much money as possible to become the idol for the weaker sex and the object of desire from the stronger sex.

Signet Rings Sign of Reputation and Power

Both men and women are welcome to wear signet rings, though men are more attracted by these jewelry items. Signet ring for women is just the luxury accessory while that for men is the symbol of the particular image and authority.

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Vitamins for Eyes

Sunday, 26 October 2008

vitamins for eyesOur body needs vitamins for normal vital activity. Among those are such vitamins, the deficiency in which affects our eyesight. For instance, it is known that absence (or scarcity) of vitamin A can cause visual impairment. However, excessive quantities of it can also cause negative consequences. B-group vitamins and the widely known vitamin C are also essential for good eyesight. Of all the micronutrients our vision is mostly supported by potassium. How to make our eyes get everything they need and manage all the visual load?

Firstly, your diet should be well-balanced. Please pay attention to the fact that vitamins are broken down when heated (it especially concerns vitamins B2 and C). Therefore, in order to preserve the vitamins, it is recommended not to boil the vegetables containing those vitamins, but to cover them with boiling water and then to muffle up. However if you boil them, make the boiling time as short as possible.

Secondly, the necessary vitamins can be obtained by taking special vitamin complexes. For most of us the second way is the easiest and the most affordable. Keep in mind that you shouldn't be taking too much of some vitamin without consulting a specialist.

VITAMIN A (retinol) is a part of rhodopsin converting the light, which gets on the retina, into electric impulses; the latter enter brain and create visual images. So decrease in visual acuity in the darkness is one of the early symptoms of this vitamin deficiency. When its deficiency intensifies, the eyes react painfully to bright light and its gleams. Infection resistance is lost as well and then one is bothered by frequent styes and conjunctivitis. Since lachrymal glands cease to constantly moisturize the eye surface and fail to remove dirt and destroy microbes, the cornea gets irritated and mortified, and with time visual ability is lost. In order to prevent this, "feed up" your eyes regularly with carrots, pumpkins, sea-buckthorn, apricots, greens of parsley and lettuce - they are rich in provitamin A. So are sour cream and cream - they already contain a ready-made vitamin A.

VITAMIN B2 (riboflavin). The deficiency in vitamin B2 reveals itself variously. Excessive tearing, gripes in the eyes, nyctalopia, blurred contours of objects, quick fatiguability of eyes, difficulties with focusing an object - all these are the symptoms of a marginal deficiency. If hypovitaminosis is sudden (for example, due to an unexpected change of a diet), the skin in the inner eye-corner can get cracked, red and inflamed. If a continuous deficiency in vitamin B2 is experienced, one starts to confuse colours, see blurred objects, as if they were dimmed, there appears an irridescent halo around the light. Chronic deficiency in riboflavin triggers eye cornea inflammation and nebula. Vitamin B2 is contained in whole-grain bread, cheese, kefir and almonds. Riboflavin deficiency is most often caused by diseases of gastrointestinal tract or antibiotics which hinder its assimilation.

VITAMIN C (ascorbic acid). Vitamin C protects the blood vessels of the eye from fragility and transparency, prevents haemorrhage of the retina and improves the blood supply of the eye. It has been noticed that vitamin C can help slow down or even stop the evolvement of the cataract. A glass of fresh orange juice or a high-vitamin citrus drink is a splendid way to meet the daily need in ascorbic acid. However, one should not take megadoses of vitamin C, as it can hamper the adequite assimilation of B-group vitamins.

VITAMIN D (calciferol). Scientists consider short-sightedness to be the consequence of deficiency in vitamin D to a certain extent. This vitamin is responsible for transportation and assimilation of calcium, which is needed not only for forming bones and teeth but for regulating muscular traction as well. Insufficient calcium assimilation causes frequent cramps of the muscle which supports the lens and is responsible for eye movements. Therefore sunbathe more often, especially if you stay in most of the time, and emphasize foods containing this vitamin - fried agarics or cepe. Fortified milk, kefir and yoghurts are rich in vitamin D as well (they successfully combine this vitamin with calcium).

VITAMIN E (tocopherol). Scientific research comfirms that vitamin E together with other vitamins-antioxidants (C and beta-carotene) sufficiently lowers the risk of eye retina exfoliation. There are even estimates that it is the deficiency in vitamin E which plays the decisive role in the development of this illness. For the babies to have enough of this vitamin, breastfeed as long as possible - breast milk is an ideal source of tocopherol. Neither cowmilk, nor goatmilk contain it. And adults should consume oil with vitamin E, nuts, sunflower seeds and cereals more often.

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