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Alexandrite a Gem for Kings

Alexandrite is the unique mineral among the other stones which are highly appreciated. Subject to international pricing catalogue, faceted pure 1-3 carat alexandrite from the Urals with the intensive effect of color changing costs from two to twenty thousand dollars per carat, while the less pure alexandrite from the same Urals will take you one to four thousands per carat. A big size stone is rare and if it is worth paying fortunes for something that is not a diamond?

Adriana Lima a Modest Supermodel

It seems that most top models from all over the world correspond to the particular stereotype and life style when their biography is examined. Supermodels are mainly too ambitious women with some delusions of grandeur, though. They aspire to exploit all their beauty and grace gifted by nature, youth when they are fifteen to twenty and the diligence to earn as much money as possible to become the idol for the weaker sex and the object of desire from the stronger sex.

Signet Rings Sign of Reputation and Power

Both men and women are welcome to wear signet rings, though men are more attracted by these jewelry items. Signet ring for women is just the luxury accessory while that for men is the symbol of the particular image and authority.

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Cryotherapy Treatment

Thursday, 21 May 2009

cryotherapy treatmentThe news striking the society revealed that cold is good enough for treating some diseases and pain relieving. This technique has been used recently but it is the most demanded procedure at present. And chasing fashion trends public often comes and requires cryotherapy procedure no matter individual indications and contraindication for the health.

So, what is Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy refers to a treatment in which surface skin lesions are frozen. As it is known, cold activates protection capacity of the organism called immune system, it triggers the activity of endocrinic and neurohumoral systems, facilitates resistance to psychical and physical loads, increases good feeling and availability. And due to these peculiarities cryotherapy is one of the effective means to care diseases, skin lesions and some tumors.  

The procedure of cryotherapy is performed in the special cryochamber (cryosauna) where cold in gaseous form is applied to skin within 2 to 3 minutes at the temperature of 130-140°С. Since cold damages the skin, the patients put on gloves and socks and the face is covered with a bulky dressing.

Preparation for procedure

It is widely known that cold is health-improving and it stops ageing. Those who swim in ice holes and jump into ponds and snowdrifts to get cooled after the bathhouse are worth appraisal. They proved the healing effect of cold on the organism and enjoy that. The Japanese physician Toshimo Yamauchi governe the clinics for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and in '70s and during tests he noticed capacity of cryotherapy to relieve pain in joints. Further he examined various techniques of cold application which resulted in that cold is far more effective when applied in gaseous form. Cryotherapy found practice in Europe in 10 years only and it won the popularity of advanced people who prefer cryotherapy to traditional medication.

How it works

The mechanism of short-term impact of cold on the organism brings to primary spasm of small arteries (reduction of lumen) which are then significantly enlarged as soon as cold impact stops.  Blood flows to enlarged small arteries within one to three hours leading to intensified thermogenesis and improved nourishment of skin tissues and that of internal organs, it stimulates activity of the heart and vessels, relieves venous outflow.

To avoid strong exposure to cold, the temperature should drop very rapidly while organism does not react directing the intensified blood flow to the surface of skin, and thus the organism will retain the warmth and will avoid cooling. When cold temperature is rising gradually then as a reaction blood comes to the skin and this may cause supercooling of the organism without any health-improving effect.

Indications for Cryotherapy treatment

Diseases and trauma of musculoskeletal system, spinal cord, inflammatory and metabolic diseases of joints, endocrinic and skin diseases including obesity are treated by cryotherapy, yet it is effectively applied in removing cellulite when blood inflow helps to smooth skin irregularities and thanks to intensified thermogenesis excess weight is lost.


Cryotherapy has a range of contraindications as well as any procedure applied to organism directly:

  • allergy to cold;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • severe forms of ischemic disease and infarction of myocardium;
  • cerebral strokes;
  • hypertension (apart from initial stage);
  • heart and kidney functions impairment.

Cryotherapy treatment at home

We understand that is hard to perform a complete cryotherapy at home though if you want to relieve pain and edema of tissues you may apply ice compresses to treat bruises, strained tendon. Headache is slightly reduced if you put a cloth soaked in cold water or a bag with ice. Doing this, you have your fine blood vessels spasm, blood flow lowers preventing tissue edema. Ice reduces sensitivity of nerve endings, thus relieving pain.

Cryotherapy treatment or scalpel

Cryotherapy treatment using liquid nitrogen (temperature -196C) involves the use of a cryospray, cryoprobe or a cotton-tipped applicator. The nitrogen is applied to the skin lesion for a few seconds, depending on the desired diameter and depth of freeze. If the skin requires superficial impact of cold, then liquid nitrogen is applied for a short period as a cryomassage. Cryomassage is initially performed to rejuvenate face skin, to reduce wrinkles, and renewal of breast form, removal of fatty tissues.

Cryopeeling is performed to clean the skin and remove keratinized cells. Currently they use an absolutely new and effective method of medical therapy by means of cryo-electrophoresis. This technique is introduction of frozen medication into the deepest skin layers with pulses of electrical current. This technique is mainly used to treat dermatological diseases. But in general, cryotherapy is very efficient procedure and it is performed only under prescription and supervision of doctors.

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