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Skirts for Men - Trend to Evoke Arguments

Sunday, 02 August 2009

skirts for menSince the time of emancipation, women acquired the right to wear trousers which were the prerogative of men exclusively back in the early XX century. And why not men try skirts on? A skirt for men is not something new. Skirts for men have always been in fashion in most parts of the world, but not in northern Europe and North America, where fashion designers are trying to make them popular now. Look at real Scottish men. They look very brave and elegant in their kilts not at all absurd. In the South-East Asia men still wear sarongs, Indian men put on dhoti, and they know the advantages of skirts. Unlike trousers, the skirt is far more comfortable; it does not hinder movements and is merely made from one cloth of fabric.

In the early 1980s, fashion designers tried to create a groundswell of skirt-wearing men in the previously skirt-phobic regions of the West, but the fashion never caught on with the public. Apart from a few male celebrities, a few actors, like Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart, Russell Crowe in Gladiator, and a few adventurous men who wear kilts at weddings or special events that emphasize a particular ethnic heritage, most Western men still wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt.

First skirts for men were launched in collections of fashion designers back several seasons. Thus, in 2006 Jean-Paul Gaultier presented several models of skirts, yet at the Fashion Week'09 Spring-Summer collections included models presented by Etro, Comme des Garcons and John Galliano.

In the beginning of this year this trend was announced as quite official. The fact that men can wear skirts in public and not to look ridiculous was demonstrated by the most reputed French brands. Splendid male models strolled along the runway in skirts by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons, Rick Owens, John Galliano, Number (N)ine, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. The models shown ranged from flowing long skirts to skirt-like skorts.

Autumn-Winter '09 Collection by Comme des Garcons's logo was like ‘Take men in skirts'. As depicted in the show, with a skirt pleated and white, like the traditional uniform of a Greek soldier, or full and white, like the apron of a worker in an August Sander photograph, or short and black, like a schoolgirl's uniform, men were a many and varied feast. Jean-Paul Gaultier preferred beige and black skirts in his collection worn over the traditional trousers of the appropriate shade.

Yohji Yamamoto launched the collection where the definitive piece was the skort, the kiltlike combination of skirt and shorts that is rapidly turning into a modern classic. It definitely looked that way in combination with Yohji's oversize jacket, as a new kind of urban tribal uniform. By the way, a shout-out to the knitwear. Huge swaths of wool are a trend this season, and I can't imagine them getting any huger than Yohji's cardigan coat over an equally chunky sweater.

Later on, Yohji's skirt was seen on the famous British avant-garde artist Steve McQueen, who directed the prize-winning «Hunger» at 2008 Cannes International Film Festival.

Marc Jacobs is an absolute trend setter for men's skirts who has been wearing kilts ever since his September women's show in New York; at Louis Vuitton men's on Thursday, he paired a black version with bright Stephen Sprouse graffiti tights.

Marc Jacobs shows off in his skirts with such elegance that any woman could envy. Trying to match his clothes, Marc Jacobs demonstrated either the combination of classic dark skirt with graffiti print tights or the black skirt to match the skirt of purple skirt. In any case, the creative director of Louis Vuitton is not at all ludicrous in finding design solutions, yet, the skirt in the wardrobe of Jacobs looks quite nice.

A man should feel he is courageous and psychologically willing to wear skirts. When shocking Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcons launch collections and men demonstrate their skirts at runways, this is one side of the issue. And the other thing, when a man is ready to travel by the underground in New York wearing a skirt. Nevertheless, the trend has been really adopted into the real life, and men from various spheres appear in skirts, from male celebrities on the red carpet to mere American and European men. Most of them afford wearing the classic skirt of black color without any vivid prints, though. So, Sting and Vin Diesel appeared on the red carpet in such classic skirts. The most typical for the most men is the traditional kilt in all its variations. Yet, Sean Connery demonstrated his passion to the classic Scottish kilt regularly wearing it. As for Mike Myers, he now uses the chance to show his Scottish roots appearing in kilt in public.

To be sure, skirts are not for every man. Some of them find this trend absurd, some of them - offensive for men as gender. Nevertheless, there is a group of men who believe that wearing such astounding garments as skirts is the opportunity to shout on their individuality and differ from the crowd. These men are quite opportune to wear skirts as the particular means to prove self-expression.

Regardless of the apparent support of the trend by the most legendary designers, the fashion retailers do not rush to replicate this trend. They are sure that this diverse garment would hardly find the demand in conditions of global recession.

Inessa Hyder 

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MaRa  - Men's skirts   |2009-08-17 17:48:36
It might be right that retailer are not rushing replicating the new trend.
For sure it is a step in the right direction offering skirts for men. In our westernized cultures we do not have any options for men dressing different, and there are no doubts that a lot of diseases for men resulting in the wrong wardrobe for male bodies, i.e. testicular and prostate cancer, minimizing sexual enhancement for men over 45.
Every good physician and urlogist knows that male bodies constructed that the reproduction organs, which are located outside of the body, have to stay 1 degress cooler than the rest of the body. It cannot be arranged with pants which are only squeezing and pressing the organs, and heating up. Even shorts can't solve this problem. There is only one way - change the wardrobe.
Our biggest problem is that almost nobody want to talk about truth because of so called social norms, which are only a package of norms existing in some heads and immaginations, never written down as law or something else.

And most people just following like blind persons this invisible laws because they think it is a norm or it is in fashion - never thinking about personal health issues or personal dressing options. The reality is that we acting like the crowd does, no individuality. That could be changed by men like women did 50-60 years ago. But to do that men have to be encouraged to go new ways.
It might be possible that we'll find this men??!!!
Charles  - Skirts Are Human Not Female   |2009-08-23 23:26:38
The NY Times May 27, 1876 p.6 editorial "A Curious Disease" said women in trousers needed treatment in "the best conducted hospitals for the insane." Later comes WWII and puts 17 million women into pants, breaking psychiatry's curse on women of being stuck in skirts. That curse still binds on men however. Psychiatry is extremely toxic to all human liberties. Salves that wanted freedom had "drapetomania." Roman soldiers were excessively masculine and wore skirts. Trousers are a horse back riding invention. Skirts and trousers are style differences never sex differences. Sex differences occur in anatomically distinct items like athletic supporters and bras. Men are senselessly denied human rights in clothing. This is the fault first of psychiatry and second, of religious fanaticism.
Bess   |2009-09-14 02:40:49
Might be right that psychiatry plays a role in that but i think it is on men to break a tabu which feminize a skirt. A skirt originally was just a male's garment, women wore long dresses.
We are now back on stage, it is not about feminizing of men, it is about masculinizing of skirt (back to the original form). That is the point men have to go through. And finally some doing it, and this men looking really great and manly, even when wearing mantyhose.
martinus  - Just manly men should wear skirts   |2009-10-11 00:37:58
What is the question?
For sure, Inessa is right thinking about
that skirts are not for everyone. Most men don't follow this trend because they are not encouraged enough. Don't tell me that is an pinion not wearing a skirt because if somebody wouold have an opinion he/she had to try (means wearing a skirt in public] it first, then ad pro's and con's, and then decide. Out of this the opinion develops.
Just in short: I am wearing skirts and kilts, I heard word like cute, terrific, neat, phantastic, beautiful, nice and more. I am a male and every day skirt wearer and never got one negative word.
Any questions?
strikemaster  - Information is the key   |2010-04-04 09:23:08
No, most men don't follow that trend just because they don't know they are allowed to. More, most men aren't interested in that topic, they don't know they are allowed to read articles about skirts for men. And finally they don't know skirts are more comfortable, they are taking a look on women who wear trousers instead skirted garment. Women say trousers are better (but notice that women don't like to wear high heels and tights, not skirts).
So I'm wating for Men's Skirts Day, May 15. I think is very good opportunity for men to try a comfort of a skirt.
phyllis7   |2009-10-20 20:27:24
Charles, I do not see the fault in psychatry or religious issues, I see it only in men itself.
Men don't demand want they want, waiting what is offered. In kind of clothing men usually very lazy, looking just for that what others are wearing/doing.
If men really want to wear skirts or dresses, they can do it instantly, but they have to do it. That's all. Argumention will be almost "0", some comments from stereotype thinking people might be possible, but get over that.
Feeling free to wear what you want isn't going with copy-machine thinkers, only with creative and innovative people, anyway that will be our future
(also called right brain users/thinkers). As earlier you start as easier you'll be able to change.
Charles   |2010-01-29 14:43:37
Phyllis7 you are excusing a band of criminals. Psychiatry invents hateful labels for "diseases" that do not exist (forms of behavior of which majorities are intolerant, thereby validating the intolerance) and BLOCKS human rights. They invented "transvestism" in 1910 in common parlance "cross-dressing." The fact that both sexes are born naked is of no matter to their vile definition. The Unitarian church is a haven for these conformist racketeers who call themselves "mental health professionals." I wore a skirt to one of their churches and a man there told me I was "cross-dressing." I handed him a copy of an old NY Times article (one of MANY) showing him the bad things people used to say of women in pants. He REFUSED to look at it! For Unitarians to treat me that way is like for them to say, "Blacks may indeed attend our churches BUT we will call them what they are---NIGGERS!" Calling a man in a skirt a cross-dresser is the equivalent of calling a Black the "N" word. This IS the fault of psychiatry first, religious fanaticism second. Last, many churches that claim "inclusiveness" and accept gays, do NOT accept heterosexual men in skirts. Unity Church of Dallas demanded I leave. That was in May 1991. That was the SAME church that had a VP of a psychiatric "hospital" chain come to speak!!! Before you are so quick to excuse psychiatry you should familiarize yourself with the many, many, many cases of them RAPING women!!
phyllis7  - band of criminals??   |2010-06-27 03:40:22
Charles, I do NOT excuse a band of criminals, and if you are talking about psychiatric issues of J.G. Jung: It was HIS opinion, there were no evidences at this time that he could be right or wrong. Men after him made all you mentioned up to "cross-dressing" (it is totally wrong because cross-dressing means originally wearing opposite style or color, i.e. black-wite).
You are right with your last sentence, but again, it does not mean the psychiatric 'hospital' or understanding of psychiatry reflects that, men using it for excuses. That is our problem always, seeing one point and try to find solution(s).
Churches (priests or pastors) make the rules upon their own understanding and mostly have nothing to do with the church.... and believe me, again, the men are which making those rules.
I support men when wearing skirts and dresses because it would be a huge step forward for equality - also for women.
strikemaster   |2009-12-02 09:45:55
There are men's skirts in the H&M collection:
I hope will sell and another retailers will follow that trend, outside USA too. IMO there must be strong advertising of men's skirts, people must know that there are skirts men's departments.
mara   |2009-12-05 08:59:43
Since weeks some high school students are in rebellion to get over gender bender boundaries, male students wearing skirts, high heels and wigs, using make up, girls wearing in tuxedos for school picture taken, and teacher and principals are speechless and unable to react properly.
Millions of internet blogs and websites, men DEMANDING, want to get off the prescribend stereotyped pant-uniform. Now H&M selling mens skirts, not the first time in the store-history, but this time with more success, I believe. We have to see, but also we have to encourgage men to go with the challenge.
Because there is nothing wrong with men in skirts, just a new kind of dressing, and much more male comfy than pants. Men must take advantage now.
Richard  - Mens skirts 2010 fashions   |2009-12-27 10:34:47
I'm male, here is what I think,
Well it's about time that men where able to wear skirts or what ever they wish as do the woman for the last 60 years. I feel it's time for Unisex for both woman and men, thank god for the work of H&M, IT'S TIME TO REMOVE stereotyped clothing and just have people clothing with no gender just unisex.
I know what your thinking that guy is gay and you would be wrong I'm not gay or Bi, I'm sick to death with the some old stereotyped male clothing as woman have been sick of being stereotyped the last 40 years, it's about EQUALITY in Fashions.
MaRa   |2010-01-02 21:05:40
Clothes do not make a change in sexual behavior nor changes it sexes.
Skirts are an unisex garment, and only women were be able to use it because men were not brave enough to get out of a role which isn't a rule or law.
Changes are around the corner..... if people can see a corner, of course. I never had any problems wearing a skirt or kilt with or without pantyhose.
strikemaster  - Skirts are masculine   |2010-01-06 19:03:02
MaRa, I agree, but consider that skirts are traditional male garment taken by European women in 19th century.
It's not truth that men aren't brave enough. We are under pression forcing our behavior, clothing, so it's not allowed for men to wear feminine garment. Due to the lack of informations almost no one knows that skirt isn't feminine and wearing this by a man isn't good way to express sexual or gender difference.
And for MaRa, testicles must be kept in temperature 2 to 4 (according to some sources 2 to 8) Celsius lower than normal body core temperature, it's a hypothermia and can't be achieved in trousers even in freezy winter. Overheating causes infertillity, testicular cancer and prostate diseases (testosterone instability damages prostate).
mara   |2010-01-14 01:30:37
Yes strikemaster;
I learned a lot of things now and it make it more understandable that men actually should wear skirted garments.

I have to ask myself and others why men did not came earlier to that way. I read some comments in different forum-/websites and found out that some women do not understand this movement of men. That is interesting tht women discussing this problem even that does not touch anything for women nor does it affect this movement women in any case. So, why women questioning?
Chris   |2010-01-15 21:39:20
FYI: I had to contact H&Ms corporate HQ about the new 2010 fashion skirt for men. It will NOT be available in all stores, only in their Trend stores, so anyone interested will need to call and find out. Also, there is currently no release date for these skirts for men, but most likely sometime in March. I am in Seattle and was told I would have to travel to San Francisco, as this was the nearest Trend store of the chain to me. :(

BTW, I was recently in southern India (Tamil Nadu and Kerala states) and Sri Lanka, and the large majority of the men wear Dhotis/Mundus in southern India and sarongs in Sri Lanka - both are skirts. This was particularly true the more rural you went. In the big cities western men's fashion has been ascendant for more than a century and a sign of upward mobility and a western educated lifestyle (NOTE: many relax at home in traditional skirts).
martinus   |2010-01-23 21:10:29
Thanks Chris for this information. I tried to find skirts in H&M stores but always was told that they on't know where they are. In two stores even the young ladies were looking around to find it in men's section of H&M, but no luck.
I found a very similar looking skirt in Parisian, I cannot see a difference to those I saw as pictures from H&M, but this skirt were $12 more than the H&M priced. But for that I do not have to travel to the next "Trend-store".
Breanne   |2010-02-02 02:05:57
Guys, you saying skirts are unisex. Might be right, so why you are looking for men departments selling skirts? Is this kind of diversity not against that you demanding?
Go to womens departments, look for "Junior" and you'll find what you're looking for.
I agree that men can wear skirts, no doubt about, and I just want to encourage men to do so. I love men which can jump over invisible boundaries in case of fashion.
Sissi   |2010-02-13 22:20:47
I agree, don't look in men's department stores for skirts. Skirts will be sold more to women so it will be in women's departments. Some women buying men's suits.... out of men's departments. So what? Nothing wrong with it,
Charles   |2010-02-23 08:27:31
I've seen the blather about men should only wear skirts "intended for men." This is an inane appeal to limitation. Kilts are the thin edge of the wedge, we need the whole wedge. Kilts are the camel's nose in the tent, we need the whole camel in the tent (figuratively!) Please let's not torture words! Let's not be in the kitchen and say "it's not a frying pan, it's a skillet!" Kilts, even Utilikilts, are pricey. I buy skirts AND petticoats on E Bay "intended for women." Some I have to have altered. I don't like the flat front of the kilt, I prefer pleats all around. I don't like pockets in a skirt, a fanny pack--or purse--looks better. The white fustanella Greeks/Albanians wear has pleats IN FRONT--and they don't senselessly associate the presence or absence of pleats in a specific area with the sex of the wearer!! That's just arbitrary, NOT innate! Yes, I'd rather wear a pleated plaid SKIRT than a kilt, because the flat front of the kilt is an aesthetic TRAGEDY. Everyone knows the pleats across the rear are what gives the kilt its swing, pleats all around would give it more swing. But better to sleep on train tracks than to question tradition, right? We HAVE to have our actions governed by the DEAD! At least bagpipers cover that dreary flat area with a "hirsute" sporran. By the way, the "brads" in a U or V shape at the top front of a Utilikilt are evocative of the early to mid 1950's "placket" Western shirts worn in films by John Wayne. I love Wayne's films but NOT his clothes! Utilikilts in drab basic colors pay homage to The Great Masculine Renunciation. Offer one with pleats all around and floral pattern, I might get interested. Come on, South Seas men wear floral wraparounds and are brawny as hell. Look at The Barbarian, Sione Vailahu.
jean  - Agree with you....   |2010-06-12 00:15:53
I am wearing tartan pleated skirts and I like the pleats all around. I is much nicer then the flat front found with a traditional kilt. I wished that the companies making kilts for men start making skirts that have pleats all around...
Rory   |2011-01-17 10:12:58
yes ,I agree with Charles. I think the pleated plaid wraparound is far better than the traditional kilt.This is what I like to wear. I wear it at home and hope to wear it in public in the near future.And a skirt is a skirt. I love wearing a skirt because there is so much freedom in it.
Katie   |2010-02-24 01:22:38
Why men try to find excuses what they want to do? Isn't there any reason why men do not can wear skirts? No, they make their own barriers, that's all.

To get out of this self-build cage is to step forward, not backwards. Forward to new fields of respect to do something different, understanding feelings and actions and that goes with wearing that what everybody likes. That mifht be skirts, kilts, dresses, silky underwear, panthose or stockings - it is an open field - but the only thing is YOU MUST GO with it, be confident and feel free!
Dave   |2010-02-27 22:21:11
Kate. If it were just that simple! I know that there are many women who support men and even encourage men to wear skirts; but there are many more who are opposed. For many men it is a case of choosing between skirts and marriage. Skirts = female and to any man who puts on a skirt is trying to be female. Period. I know that not true, and for most men could not be further from the truth, but that
lipstick  - Mr.   |2010-03-12 18:18:02
Dear Katie I am with you. Today I will buy my first lacy panties, pantihouse and a skirt. I love the new fashion
strikemaster  - Education first   |2010-04-07 18:29:09
@Katie wrote:
"Why men try to find excuses what they want to do?"

Answer is simle. We are forced to do it.

Also wrote:
"Isn't there any reason why men do not can wear skirts?"

No, there are some reasons that we should wear skirts. But, unfortunately people aren't considered what wrong is with men wearing trousers.

"No, they make their own barriers, that's all."

Who is "they"?

"but the only thing is YOU MUST GO with it, be confident and feel free!"

... and survive on the streets.
So, if the main reason why men generally aren't allowed to wear skirts is that people don't know why and how it looks, the massive campaign is needed. Ads of skirts for men, discussions on Forums etc. Break the silence!
Jim   |2010-02-28 16:47:51
Dave is so right. I would love to be able to wear a skirt. I have tried it and they are very comfortable. BUT, my wife won't stand for it. So what do I do?
Dave   |2010-02-28 20:39:07
My last message seems to have gotten truncated due I think to a problem with my browser.

To cont....
I know that not true, and for most men could not be further from the truth, but that
Katie   |2010-03-07 21:59:23
Dave, I think we are making the problems during discussing about a problem. It isn't a problem if men are confident doing what they want.
I have read Jim's message too, and simply I can't understand what fashion should has to do with marrige or friendship.
If a women say's that she would not accept skirts by a man she isn't true nor honest, her friendship or love is just sandy. Does a man would do the same, telling wife or girlfried never try to wear this or that, i.e. pants?

There would be a revolte around...... so where is the point?
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