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Sophia Loren a Widow in Wealth

Being a living legend of the workd cinematography, Sophia Loren must have agreed to the saying that happiness is not all money. However, she is one of persons who absolutely admit that assets you own is the perfect tool to cope with many problems and misfortune. It is widely known that Loren is the stage name of this actress and Sophia Scicolone paved her way to fame and wealth too long and that was not easy.

Hillary Clinton First Lady For Ever

The title of the First Lady is traditionally awarded to the spouse of the Head of the State in the democratic countries of the West. This title is not permanent and a woman bears it while her husband holds the position. Thus, officially 2001 and till now First Ladies appear to be spouses of George Bush-Jr. and Baraka Obama, respectively. However, there is a woman in the political high society who is believed to be the First Lady of the State for over twenty years by the Americans. This is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton aka Hillary Clinton.

Watches Preferred by Celebrities

Happy people do not care for time. And it seems that celebrities do not fall to the category of these lucky and happy people since they cannot do without watches, and they prefer luxury and exclusive watches to others.

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Dior Poison: Story of Temptation

Thursday, 27 August 2009

dior poisonForbidden fruit, Poison by the legendary Christian Dior Fashion House is the revolutionary fragrance that originated the legend of seduction by Dior in 1985. The seductive and magic mix of spices, fruits, woody notes of mysterious depth asserts daring and fatal seduction.

The Dior Poison is created by the perfumer Edward Fleshier and in two years after it was created, Dior Poison won the prestige FiFi Award so much popular in the perfume industry.

When creating Poison, Fleshier was concerned in the mere idea to breathe new life into the perfume line by Christian Dior House outdated by that time. Prior to Poison the most popular fragrance by the French Brand was presented by Miss Dior launched in the old 1947.

Dior Poison perfume composition included notes of orange flowers, honey, cinnamon, coriander, pepper, cherry, rose, tuberose, wild berries, jasmin, cedar, sandal tree, vetiver, musk, vanilla, heliotrope and opopanax. The fragrance was so much winy and strong that the women were forbidden to appear wearing Dior Poison in public since the «poison» by the French House was stronger than other scents and overwhelming.

Dior Poison was the breakthrough by Dior to say bye to the past. The new fragrance was a little bit more expensive and trendier than aromas launched for Dior Perfume Collections earlier. Moreover, Dior Poison appeared to be the first fragrance of the French House that did not have the word «Dior» in its name; the «God Father» of this new fragrance was the French poet Paul Valéry who wrote sometime back that «perfume is poison for heart». Provocative and intensive aroma that arouses so emotional responses was called «Poison» not just for nothing. This bright, charismatic and seducing aroma is difficult to ignore and forget. Rodger Morris, the President to Parfums Christian Dior, remarked at a time that so conflicting name of Dior Poison perfume was intended purposefully, «I was realizing that we could afford being conflicting to the extent while the aroma seems gracious. European companies produce 56 new lines of perfume a year, and USA companies launch about 35 perfume scents that are so provocative. And one should appear exclusively to be noted and discussed. The name of the perfume is the same as the name for the book or journal. It should be attractive and promising». A dozen of scents Rodger discussed about in 1985 appeared to increase into hundreds of scents though the risk that Rodger Morris and Dior House afforded deemed to be the reasonable.

We can affirm definitely that Dior Poison has already been the legend altogether with Chanel №5 or Guerlain Shalimar. The aroma creator, the perfumer Edward Fleshier states that it is not feasible to replicate the success made by Dior and create the fragrance to compete with it since current fragrances are all pale and not attractive unlike Dior Poison.

Dior House apparently shared the point of view by the perfumer and within the decade Dior Poison did without any flanker which is a wonder for such a successful product and for perfume industry, on the whole where flankers for more or less popular fragrances are launched every half a year. However, in 1994 Dior perfumers launched Tendre Poison scent for the younger public.  Tendre Poison consisting of notes of galbanum, tangerine, freesia, orange, honey, vanilla and sandal tree did not manage to reveal all the luxury and deep core of the original unique Dior scent, as predicted by Fleshier. The first flanker became too simpler flowery scent with fresh green accents without a hint to heavy spicy or oriental notes of Poison.

After the first flanker the Poison line was enlarged with newer trendy names like Dior Tendre Poison, Dior Hypnotic Poison, Dior Pure Poison, Dior Midnight Poison and collection of flankers Christian Dior Poison Elixir. Monica Bellucci and Eva Green were offered to be images to Dior Poison perfume. Unfortunately, the unique Dior Poison in its original luxury is not possible to appreciate any longer since some natural notes were replaced by synthetic ones, and the scent has undergone sea changes just due to that.

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