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Amazing Home Design Ideas: Weird and Inspiring Architecture

Architectural designs are called the chronicle of the achievements of humankind for a reason. They show the past, reflect the present, and anticipate the future. Every epoch is forever captured in its architectural designs. Studying history, you can follow the evolution of architectural styles and correlate them with the changes in society.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Recently, stainless steel cookware has gained huge popularity due to its durability, aesthetically pleasing appearance and environmental friendliness. Stainless steel is an alloy that starts with iron and adds up to 8 alloys, depending on the quality. Chromium and nickel are the major alloys in stainless steel. The chromium provides rust and corrosion resistance and adds to its durability. Nickel provides additional rust resistance, increases hardness, and provides the high polishing characteristics which make stainless steel so appealing. It is the amount of these alloys that are added to the stainless steel that determines the quality of the products and there are ways that you can determine what quality stainless steel cookware you are buying.

Gemstones: Timeless Fairytale

The realm of gemstones is a wonderful world where every stone is beautiful and unique. Gems or gemstones can be very expensive and relatively rare or they can be very common stones that are found in many different areas of the world. Throughout history, gems have often been associated with specific properties and characteristics, often which can differ from culture to culture. Gemstones have been linked to creating good luck, helping with healing, financial gain or even having success in finding a soul mate.

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

epilationIt is well known, that hair on the body of a human being is a natural evolution process that primarily protected from cold, mechanic injures and penetration of pathogenic agents. And for sure, there is no fault of evolution that women from all over the world consider this functional godsend as a curse for many centuries. And moreover, they successfully struggle with the hair on their body from ancient times. But you agree that just struggling, you do not win a victory over these so called «bushes». However the science changes and develops and currently the epilation may help women to always have a smooth and tender skin all over the body.

Epilation is a removal of a hair with the root with consequent break of follicular system (peculiar "bag" from which the hair grows). Therefore, with all the things go well, the hair stops growing forever in unwanted areas. This magic technique is very individual from person to person and is efficient depending on the type of epilation you've chosen, color and rigidness of your hair, the quantity of hair epilated, sensitivity of the area affected, susceptibility of hair bulbs to the entire procedure.  And sometimes you need to combine several types of epilation to achieve the best results needed. And the specialist of the beauty salon is the person who is able to make recommendations on what kind of epilation you need and how to start it, as well as to inform on prices for such a service in the region you live. Consider that all modern kinds of epilation refer to exclusive capacity of saloons.

It is very provisional but kinds of epilation may be classified in accordance with the principle of influence on the hair and its follicles. So, the epilation may be differentiated for:

  • electrical epilation;
  • light epilation including laser and photo epilation;
  • ultrasound epilation;
  • enzyme epilation;
  • epilation combining two and more techniques.

Electrical epilation is removal of unwanted hair by the electrical current. A conductor through which the current is supplied to destroy follicle is inserted into the skin, to the depth of the hair bulb. Depending of the current type the electrical epilation is also classified as follows:

  • thermolysis (action of the alternating-current of high frequency and low voltage)
  • electrolysis (electro-chemical action of the galvanic current with formation of spirit of salt to cauterize the hair bulb)
  • blend-technique (combining first two types, i.e. application of high-frequency alternative current along with  its electrolytic features)
  • flash (the same galvanic effect, however this case very high frequency current is used, around 2000 KHz)
  • sequential blend (improved blend technique to strengthen the effect of follicle breaking when inserting a needle at the impulse moment the DC amplitude is reduced)
  • sequential flash (improved flash technique, that is use of high frequency alternative current, also impulses of various length are used).

Electric epilation is the oldest and proven technique but the most painful.

Sometimes the conductor for electric current is replaced by not a disposable needle but a special tiny forceps that clasps the hair and conducts the high frequency current through it. The current goes through the hair shaft and destroys the follicle. This technique is rarely used due the less speed of the treated area.

Laser epilation is removal of unwanted hair with the help of special laser. Light radiation is selectively absorbed by the part of the hair that contains the melanin pigment. This way the hair bulb is heated which brings to its break without significant destroy of surrounding tissues. Alveolus of the hair follicle is completely healed and the skin gets smooth. Unfortunately, this technique is good to remove only dark hair.  

Photo epilation removes hair by the series of short and intensive light flashes. The effect of action is the same as that of laser epilation: light energy is absorbed by the pigment of the hair and the hair bulb is destroyed through high temperature. Photo epilation is suitable for any hair color, unlike the laser epilation.

Ultrasound epilation helps to break the active follicles by ultra sound and special gels. The special gel is spread over the area earlier dehaired. Ultrasound influence «transports» molecules and ions containing in the gel into the deepest layers of skin to the level of hair follicles. This technique helps to suspend the process of germinal cells division and partly breaks down the hair follicle owing to the alkali pH.

The principal disadvantage of this technique is that changes are visible in twelve months only from the day of procedures, and moreover, the procedure itself is not so safe and fraught with chemical lesion of tissues.

Enzyme epilation removes hair with the help of special substances - enzymes, like papain, tripsin and chemotripsin. The point is that enzymes destroy the hair follicle slowly but sure. The principal disadvantage of this technique is the speed, since the process goes step by step and enzymes are not able to destroy the follicle structure on an immediate effect. Besides, special thermo bandages are applied onto the active substances to achieve efficient results, and the procedure continues under the effect of heat.

Combined techniques involve two or more types of epilation. So, recently Elos-epilation (Electro-Optical Synergy) is of higher popularity that presents a combination of photo and electric epilation.

Absolute contraindications for any types of epilation:

  • acute and chronic dermatopathia
  • decompensated stages of diabetes milletus
  • varicose disease (in the area where the procedure is made)
  • severe forms of essential hypertension and coronary heart disease
  • acute kinds of herpes, infectious diseases
  • oncological diseases
  • keloid illness
  • any dermatological neoplasms.

Also doctors recommend that you avoid epilation procedures during pregnancy.

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