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Yellow Gold – Color of Sun

The yellow gold has stayed permanently trendy throughout centuries since the warm and bright color thereof resembles the sun beam, and yet, the sun is worshipped at all times as the source to life. The night is the time of danger and fear, a sun beam is what runs the danger away and diffracts the shadow. The yellow gold is what symbolizes the sun.

Porcelain Figurines – Pieces of Luxury

Figurines of various sizes made from different material are popular throughout centuries, back from the times immemorial. The figurines were made previously from bones, wood, stone and clay later metal was used to make the miniature figurines and sculpture groups. Previously the figurines were made not only for the purposes to honor gods and spirits being the religious symbols and cult items, but also charming accessories that urged to adorn the severe house holding. The first porcelain figurines were created in China, the motherland of china. As soon as the tiny delicate items arrived to Europe, they seized the hearts of china admirers. The china was considered as the «white gold», it was estimated at the level of the precious metal, and the porcelain figurines became the symbol of authority and wealth, the image accessory for the design of premise and the indicator of the status.

Panerai Watches – Accurate Luxury

There are plenty of watches manufactured every year and throughout several centuries, though rare watch can boast with the interesting story and eye-striking watches. Panerai watches made in Italy are famous for the black color dial plate and luminous digits which are seen at any distance, even in the muddy water. And what is about water? The point is the Panerai Company was the official supplier of chronographs for officers of the Navy of Italy. Though, the best way is to describe the story in details.

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Toning Conditioning Balm

Sunday, 19 April 2009

toning conditioning balmAny fair woman has a must assortment of balms for hair that contain various components for intensive regenerative treatment. They firm, revitalize and make your hair shine. Apart from the effect of natural extracts, toning properties of the balm help nourish and refresh your hair and scalp giving unique, rich and bright shade to your hair.

With various useful extracts as components, the toning hair balm is suitable even for the damaged and weak hair since it provides all necessary regenerative care. Besides, new toning balms do not contain among their ingredients ammonia and hydrogen peroxide which prevent your hair from aggressive and damaging effect to the hair structure. Such a soft coloring effect allows using the toning balm as frequently as necessary. It is especially a good instrument for those who are eager to try on various looks and who prefer changing images every now and again.

After using the toning balm you hair is revitalized, soft and shiny. Such effect is achieved due to active components of remedial nature, such as Burdock Oil, which strengthen hair and stimulates its growth, extract of Aloe Vera that nourishes and revitalizes hair structure, extract of Lavender that makes your hair soft and silky, extract of Camomile that due to its essential oil gives shine and vitality to hair, extract of Chestnut tree which regenerates damaged hair and intensifies its color, extract of Mango that moistures, nourishes and regenerates your hair.

Toning balms contain UV filter system in their formulation that not only prevent changing color exposed to sun rays but also protect hair from aggressive ultraviolet rays. A lot more toning balms provide conditioning effect as well.

How it works? Spreading onto your hair the toning balm covers it, affecting the upper layer of the shell without penetrating deeply inside the hair structure. That is why a toning balm is used to give hair the desired shade or make it darker; however it will not lighten your hair.

You need to follow several rules to achieve more effect from using a toning balm. If you intend to use a toning balm you should stop dying your hair with henna a few months before, otherwise you risk getting completely unexpected color of your hair. Wait for two weeks after you lightened your hair or had a permanent wave made prior to using a toning balm. This is the exact period of time that is required to avoid uneven hair coloring.

Apply a toning balm to the clean hair and rinse without shampoo. After using a toning balm you should rinse your hair out carefully and to the extent when water is clear. To adjust the intensity of the shade when using a toning balm you'd better consider the exposure time and concentration thereof.  If you want to have a more intensive and stronger shade you apply undiluted toning balm and leave onto your hair for longer time. Should you want to have a hint of shade consider lesser exposure time and less concentrated product; you'd better dilute some portion of the toning balm with water and use it to rinse your hair. Thoroughly read instructions on the box or insert paper of the product before using. As a rule, a manufacturer indicates an optimum time of exposure for the toning balm, as well as the shade intensity level to be achieved upon different exposure time.

On the whole, we may assure that toning balms favorably influence your hair and give the option to get a color shade that you require. They do not aggressively affect your hair as an ordinary constant dye with ammonia does. If you adequately use a toning balm you have a chance to vary one and the same color shade depending on the time of its exposure. Those who love changing images so often will find it advantageous because the hair will get its natural color after you wash your hair 6 to 8 times. Therefore, after that you are welcome to use another, may be completely different, color shade.

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Endoscopic Facelift Procedure

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