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Pink Diamonds – Fascinating Luxury

Pink diamonds are believed to be assigned for beautiful ladies, this is an absolute statement and these gems are totally associated with charming beauties who nicely chirp when admiring at the diamonds. A pink diamond on a female hand is like a n unveiling tender orchid which attracts the look, touches and gives the feeling of joy and satisfaction. The diamonds of the glamour and romantic color are too rare in nature and therefore they are too highly appreciated by the gem lovers. Those who are willing to invest in pink diamonds will also win. This is a precious stone which is too hard to get at the jewelry store though pink diamond jewels are worth admiration and they really prove their cost.

Aishwarya Rai – from Bollywood to Hollywood

Aishwarya Rai can boast to be published at over seventeen thousand sites people visit every day. She is the first Indian beautiful woman with the figure at the Madame Tussaud’s and the first Indian actress who was invited as a jury member for the Cannes International Movie Festival. Her prosperity is the subject of discussion and rumors in Hollywood and she is believed to earn around fifteen million dollars to star in a single movie.

Principles by Beyonce Knowles: the More She Earns - the Less She Spends

Beyonce Knowles is the woman known to any person who is familiar to music. She is rather beautiful woman and she is owing to her parents and genes for her exotic beautiful look. Her genealogy tree can reveal Spaniards, French people, American Indians, aborigines of the Canary Islands and many other we can never guess. Second, she is very talented person. Her career as a member to the R&B girl’s band Destiny’s Child, and then as a solo singer is really impressive. She also makes small but very confident steps into the industry of cinema. Yet, she is hard-working and as a result she is a wealthy person and recently she was acknowledged as the wealthiest young celebrities among others.

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Lancome Climat: The Story of Legendary Fragrance

Thursday, 01 October 2009

lancome climat The French Lancome Perfume House won the popularity with its elegant fragrances for women. Yet, most of scents have been acknowledged as the classic scent in perfumery world. Almost all vintage fragrances launched by Lancome were designed for mature and elegant women and the peak of its popularity came to 60s and 70s. The scent that found its admirers was not supposed to attract younger ladies, and still the image of the real woman was far more preferable than that of the young coquette.

The key fragrance in the history of Lancome appeared to be Lancome Climat fragrance which is fresh, green, feminine and a little bit quixotic.

Created in 1967 for Lancome House by Gerard Goupil, Climat was accepted as the symbol of that eon with its elegant and lavishness match of green notes, dazzling outburst of aldehydes and the cascade of florid notes that smoothly ends with the sensory depth that made Climat be one of the best perfume of the sixties among Guerlain Chant d'Arоmes (1962), Yves Saint Laurent Y (1964), Dior Eau Sauvage (1966) and Guerlain Chamade (1969). The source of inspiration for the flowery and aldehyde composition by Climat appeared to be the old bouquet, the legendary Worth Je Reviens of 1932), tender and almost translucent smelling flowers and naked skin. Unlike Worth Je Reviens, the affection of floral notes of which blends with the smoky notes of labdanum and sandal, Lancome Climat is still even and glittering as perfectly polished pale-green jade.

Lancome Climat is opened with the green notes that make the fragrance unique symbol of the entire epoch in the mix with the tender and fruity notes of aldehydes forming the blend of fresh and slightly naïve atmosphere of spring garden. Fading, the first notes are followed by notes of white flowers, creamy as gardenia petals and tender as first lily-of-the-valley that adds the luxury sensitivity of perfume composition. With the additive of vetiver, amber and civet, the green floral bunch gets deeper and more complicated, while the preliminary innocent and naïve image gives the way to lacy, elegant and sensitive image of a mature and confident woman. Being lasting-for-ever classic perfume, Lancome Climat became as the real icon of effeminacy. The fragrance shaped the image of the mysterious inconnu, a special woman with quite mystic charm. The unaffectionate elegance by Lancome Climat won the extraordinary glamour in the early 70s, developing the new wave of effeminacy, thus being a bright contrast against feminists who fight back for the equality of genders and reject the traditional perception of women; the Lancome Climat ideal woman realized her effeminacy and sensitivity to the highest possible extent.

Lancome Climat almost became the best followers of Chanel House traditions, the house that some time back set trends for aldehyde-floral scents on the base of the legendary Chanel №5. Nevertheless unlike other legendary fragrances, Lancome Climat existed not so long, and Lancome House ceased producing the scent in the mid 70s. Today the admirers of the preliminary scent of Climat find it difficult to acquire though there is still he way out. In 2005 while celebrating the 70-year anniversary, Lancome arrived at a decision to rehabilitate its several classic scents including Climat. La Collection Lancоme included several re-created vintage fragrances, as Magie (blend of jasmine, viola and amber), Climat, Sagamore of1985 and Sikkim of 1971 with fruity composition of galbanum, ylang-ylang and oak moss). Lancome perfumers tried their best to recreate the composition of legendary scents and design of elegant bottles made by one of the Lancome House founders in the early 60s George Delhomme. Though the fragrance composition of the re-launched scents is slightly different from the original scents, the newly created fragrances lack the depth and sensitivity that make them popular among women all over the world that is the eternal problem with all reissues. However, La Collection Lancоme is still hardly the only way to appreciate the charm and elegance of the legendary Lancome Climat fragrance.

Inessa Hyder


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Street Fashion vs. Catwalk Trends

The modern industry of fashion wear is liberal as never ever when the borders between the street fashion and models who demonstrate the collections by the famous brands are washed out while the reputed designers often draw the inspiration for new collections in the street fashion. Initially, being the essential symbol of the youth trends and with the lapse of time the street fashion smoothly turned into the separate fashion trends much loved both by designers and population.

Exclusive Shoes – Luxury Affordable to Elite

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Rose Petals is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is nothing with rose, the Queen of flowers and yet, the perfumery industry has a lot with the rose as the component of scents. The rose note is neglected in too little fragrances and there are rare people in the world who can refuse from it rich, luscious and really royal scent. Rose is also used in culinary when cakes are decorated with sugaredrosepetals. From the times immemorial rose is the flower which fragrant petals bring joy, relaxation and languor to the body merely making happy and healing from particular ailments.

Trendy Fragrances 2010 – Love Essences

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