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Alexandrite is the unique mineral among the other stones which are highly appreciated. Subject to international pricing catalogue, faceted pure 1-3 carat alexandrite from the Urals with the intensive effect of color changing costs from two to twenty thousand dollars per carat, while the less pure alexandrite from the same Urals will take you one to four thousands per carat. A big size stone is rare and if it is worth paying fortunes for something that is not a diamond?

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Islamic clothing

Monday, 28 July 2008

islamic clothing A woman's status in Islam is close to sacral. Marrying her is the only possibility to comprehend the great experience of human being and understand his living destination by means of love. Muslim women are very devoted to the traditions of their culture. 

Ancestors' habit and commandments of Koran play a leading role in formation of a Muslim woman's individuality, her approach to life, behavior, and style of dressing. For the right to wear a hijab - a traditional headscarf, Muslim women fight independently and not due to men`s will. It was prohibited to wear hijabs in educational and state institutions in Turkey, but hundreds of Turkish women gathered in the streets of Istanbul to declare their protest. They assert that a hijab is not a part of racial or traditional identity, and it doesn’t have any political or social meaning. It is just a sign of pertain to religion.

Islamic culture presupposes that a woman's body should be completely covered, i.e. absolutely everything should be hidden, including a face, elbows, feet and hands. Clothes in their opinion shouldn’t be a decoration, i.e. bright, ornamental, sheer, or skin tight; it shouldn’t be similar to men`s clothes or clothes of “unfaithful” and no perfume, of course. One would think that it is nothing but suppression. Isn’t it terrible to wear a dense dark sack in any weather? But it should be understood that such norms are made for the orthodox Muslims willing to obey rules of their religion as Koran bids. The orthodox Christian women also wear a headscarf, go to the church regularly and keep their virginity till wedding time.

The clothes of a Muslim woman has changed under the influence of a dynamic way of life, but no tradition has been neglected. Having kept the traditions, Muslim women, however, want to express their intellectual and physical abilities. The modern Islamic women no more stay at home: they work as doctors, economists, teachers, police, lifeguards and start their own shops. By the way, a special swimming suit called “burikini” was made for them in Sydney. The suit looks like a suit for scuba-diving: it covers the whole body and is made of a light fabric. It dries fast and doesn’t let ultraviolet inside. Muslim women think that their appearance influences their inner state, thoughts, and deeds. That’s why clothes of any woman should be chaste for thoughts to be kept in modesty and purity.

Moreover, Muslim women are sure that nude female clothes embarrass men. They start to consider a woman as a “sexual object”, otherwise Muslim women want men to pay attention to their intellect and purity of temper, but not to their appearance. It is rather logic due to the fact that hot tempered Eastern men inflame seeing not just bareness itself but even an inkling of it. Therefore, they really do not understand why European men easily tolerate amount of seminude females on streets. During a summer time European city streets seem like a usual provocation, so perhaps our men soon will not notice any of seminude women's bodies.

It’s a common knowledge that Western women try to emphasize their sexuality. Otherwise, Eastern women, especially Muslims, emphasize their femininity. It will be the principal difference between European and Muslim fashion if not to take into consideration Islamic and Muslim religious traditions. Notice that this notorious hijab is worn in all-Muslim countries and even not by every woman. What do they wear then? First of all, certainly trousers suits. These suits can be of different colors and styles, which make them very beautiful, but the most important thing about them is that the trousers should be loose and never fit close. By the way, we have taken some details of women's clothes mainly from Muslims: bloomers and trousers, capuchins and different veils previously having a function to protect a woman's face against sandy winds and the white-hot sun of the desert.

But the principal part of Islamic woman's clothing is different kinds of scarves and headscarves. Do not think about gloomy and dark hijabs. Today there is a great variety of models created in accordance with Eastern mentality and decorated with national ornaments and ethnical accessories. Muslim women's suits are very womanlike: smooth lines of a silhouette, mysterious veils, and elegant cutting. The models popular amongst Muslim women are suitable both for rest and work. Clothes do not look gloomy and dark, on contrary: high-necked clothes thrill fantasy and brings romanticism. Islamic women confirm that a term “fashion” doesn’t exist in their culture. They consider our habit to wear clothes of a certain cut, shoes of a certain brand during a certain season to be real enslavement.

Style of clothing of a Muslim woman depends on a country she lives in, on circumstances and her personal taste: one prefers long dresses, the other – tunics to knees and loose trousers. Company “Tekbir”, a leader in the world's market, is considered to be Islamic “Diors” and trendsetters of Muslim fashion, declared as if it doesn’t exist. It was founded relatively not long ago: in 1982. But ten years later after its foundation,“Tekbir” made a splash in the world of fashion having presented a special line of clothes for Muslim women. Their production is sold all over the world, their models are popular among those women who even have no idea about Islam but just want to dress beautiful and unusual. “Tekbir” has broken stereotypes presenting a Muslim woman wrapped up in a loose black sack. Slowly world civilization is getting tired of a total nudity. Today “Muslim” style becomes a trend: skirts become longer and longer, silhouettes get strait and loose mysteriously hiding a figure, band collars cover a neck to a chin; scarves and headscarves also gain popularity. Once Rudyard Kipling wrote: “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” But who knows, may be women will become a connecting link between our cultures which differ greatly. Women and fashion existed together in all times. And a fashion is like a light-minded lady, knowing neither limits nor cultural differences.

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Toni L.   |2008-10-17 00:56:26
This article was extremely informative! i've used much of this information in a research paper i've conducted :]
sayuri   |2008-10-31 15:10:10
that's good.
anne  - ?   |2008-11-02 05:32:26
I am a Muslim woman and I converted after being raised in the Episcopal church. I'm not sure where you are getting this idea that there is no such thing as "Muslim" fashion. Women who wear the hijab want to be as fashionable as the next woman!

You seem to contradict yourself many times. You say Muslim women are not supposed to wear ornamental clothes; this is simply not true. Even the most modest of Muslim women likes to wear clothes with colorful beads and embroidery. And you say that we are supposed to look drab and not call attention but then point out the variety of hijab fabrics and prints?

I don't know where you got your information from but you should do more research.
Lisa C  - Morden Clothing!   |2008-11-10 15:40:40

I just converted to islam, yet I was unaware of the clothes(what I mean I didn't know about the Fashionable Hijabs,and many more) Since this transformer I have realized by going to the  masjid that muslim siter's have there own style.Also, in most country you will see sister's wearing 'Jibab' or 'Niqab'. Furthermore, you have clothing for and women,and children. Just not any clothing but Mordern Islamic Clothing.Next to that, you have all these fashionable clothes ( Hijabs, Hijabs Pins).Even through, I wear the Fashionable Hijabs and Pins however I do dress modersty but it not islamic clothing
Eman  - Muslim Women Fashions   |2008-12-09 16:54:23
I basically agree with the article. I converted to Islam about 20 years ago after being raised Baptist and then coverting to the Catholic religion before I found Islam.

For Muslim women who practice their religion and believe they need to follow the directives for how they should dress the need not to show their shape is imperitive. However we also have to consider that many women in the U.S. have to work because they are single, their family did not accept their conversion and will not help, or due to the cost of living they have to work. Not all women work but many have to. So covering one's face may not be an option.

This however doesn't mean that one has to dress as a dowager. If you look at the countries where Muslims make up the majority you will see they dress in accordance to their culture. So many American Muslims wear sheath type clothing (dresses without a skirt attached or defined waistline) that meets the guidelines of no shape or skirts/pants with long straight tops that hides their shape. This doesn't mean the clothing is unattactive for I have had women at work tell me they wished they could dress as I do.

However, as the articles states we should not wear perfumes or articles of clothing that will draw sexual attention to us. Just dressing differently will bring attention to one's self, so in the western society it is impossible to follow the guidelines of Islam and not be noticed.

If we want to wear something that is form fitting, it is worn in the house for our husbands. Then if you need to run to the store and don't want to change clothes a cover is put over the top and one does what is needed outside the home.

I do have some concerns when i see clothing that is suppose to be for Muslim women that has rhinestones and is flashy for it does not meet the guidelines of your religion unless she is going to cover the garment when she leaves her home and then takes the cover off while at a party that just has other Muslim women and small children attending.

Overall I think this was a good article.
Anonymous   |2009-02-11 21:45:04
I'm doing a research & i need kinda more information about what Islam clothing . -leslie(;
Sanam   |2009-09-16 06:53:14
There is no compulsion in religion. Fashion in Islam is not prohibited as long as its not flashy or showy. Simplicity and Chic designs are fine. Unline the Amish we can wear all colours and designs as long as they are modest and do not show the figure (not skin tight). Hope this helps.
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