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Piccadilly Circus Fascination of New Traditions of Britain

Every capital city has its places of interest to boast and mostly these places are found in the center, the core of the history of the city. In this regard London is the special city since its places of interest are located throughout the city, not they are compacted in the same place. The historians and architects explain that London has no prominent historical center since the city was formed by merging several settlements neighboring some time back. One of the most famous and favored by the tourists is the Piccadilly Circus.

Luxury Sports Watches

More and more people opt to lead a vivid life full of sports events. The vacation may be active and there is nothing to disturb it if properly done. And therefore, many watch-making companies hold surveys in regards of sports models of watches. Yet, too classic models are often found among the timepieces assigned for sports events. Such watches go well with the business suit and with the scuba; they look good at the solid meeting or during the tour camping since they are too good to endure any testing.

Sasha Pivovarova the Alien from Russia

Russia is believed to be the place where the most beautiful women come. And beautiful women are found in the model business. They appear at the Fashion Week haute couture shows held in Milan, Paris, London and New York. They enter into contracts with fashion houses and appear as cover girls in the most prestigious magazines. Sasha Pivovarova is a model whose success is a real story to deem. Russian models differ from other models in the way she looks and the success story. When reading the stories of top models almost every other tells her story of hard and exhausting youth to achieve her goals to be noted. As for Russian top models, they entered the world of models accidentally, or so. As for the models from Russia, they were common girls who never guessed of becoming top models to the particular period of life.

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Organic Boom of Makeup

Wednesday, 07 April 2010

organic makeupThe organic cosmetics highly demanded and popular currently with many women is justtheevidence to prove that the consuming society stepped onto the new and quality level. Few years ago top models would confessed in their love to organic cosmetics, and there were rare people who knew what they were talking about. What is organic makeup? Something like home-made creams to store in the fridge? Or the cosmetic made by order? Is it natural cosmetic or something to refer to phytotherapy?

Organic cosmetics are decorative makeup made to comply with the strict standards that are free from hazardous chemical substances. The components are only natural. Besides, the plants that are in composition of such cosmetics are grown without any pesticides, fertilizers and they grow in ecologically friendly areas.

This is the difference between the organic cosmetics from the natural, when the natural cosmetics has more components of herbal origin but no one cares of their quality and these components are not certified.

Organic cosmetics compose of herbal components for 95%. And only in this case the manufacturer is eligible to label the pack of the products with the sign Organic. If the product contains of organic components of more than 70%, then it is marked as «Made with organic». And the certification sign is compulsory here, like USDA or BDIH. The different marks are also printed on packs like «Not tested on animals» with the image of a rabbit.

You may get embarrassed with the 95% with the rest 5% of chemical components in the jars with organic components. 100% organic cosmetic is possible to make at home only and store in the fringe. 5% of non-herbal components is the synthetic substances that provide the required consistence and the longer expiry date (from half-year to a year). And such cosmetic does not contain any toxic substances and should be stored in the fridge.

The higher percentage of organic components ensures a good care of the skin, its valuable nourishment and renewal. Besides, it is freely used by highly allergic individuals with the most complicated forms of diseases. People suffering from such unpleasant diseases as acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis will find the organic cosmetics a good support to the basic therapy while the most medications are not recommended be used with the ordinary cosmetics.

We all see the advantages of the organic cosmetics. However, not every wholesome and ecologically friendly product turns into the item of status. The organic cosmetics are reputed for its reference to the line of «green» protection of planet.

In the early 70s the English brand The Body Shop refused to test their products on animals and introduced the bio-destroyable packing. We all understand that the easiest way to test the allergenicity of the new lipsticks is on the rabbit pupils, though there are less cost-based methods. The plastic shampoo container may be disposed and left to destroy on the earth for the following 300 years. The same time is required for the shampoo made from chemicals to destroy in the drainage system.

The biologically destroyed package is not heavy to use. For instance, the reputed Pangea Organics soap is marketed packed in paper made free from wood with the seeds. After the package is disposed, it grows in the earth. However, the alternative packaging is not always feasible and in this case companies receive the tubes and containers from the products they manufacture for processing or replace several packages for a new product.

Such products are also demanded for their prices, they cost in the range from 10 USD and higher. And here is the formula of success, including the low cost, clear concept in regards to protection of animals and environment, as well as the effective skin care.  

In the meantime, when you see the mark Organic on the package of almost every product you see in the store. Marketing analysts perceived the idea of healthy life style and they regularly promote «organic detergent» and «organic enamel». There are few companies that manufacture certified organic cosmetics and most popular include Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Doux Me, The Body Shop, Primavera, Pangea Prganics, John Masters Organics, Living Nature, Stella McCartney and some more.

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