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Liliane Bettencourt – Money Does Smell

The names of people who can boast with their wealth are known to anyone and their personal and social life exerts the attention of the wide public and mass media either. Nevertheless, the cases are not rare when too wealthy people prefer living a restricted life and the details of their life are revealed only when scandals occur. Liliane Bettencourt, the heiress and owner of the cosmetic empire L’Oreal, grasped the same fate.

Monica Bellucci – an Italian beauty

No surprising to see beautiful women around us. There are lots of very beautiful women around us. There is a plenty of sex-symbols who appear with the frequency of once a year in tabloids. And as the contrast with those of them, there are women who are difficult to fall into any category of women. Such legends of various epochs as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and  Catherine Deneuve cannot be confused with changing sex-symbols of our times. And Monica Bellucci belongs to the rare category of women who grew over the category of just sex-symbols. The most beautiful women are believed to appear and live in Russia and in Italy.

Olsen Sisters: Siblings or Profitable Business Brand?

Do you think the wealthiest businessman of the last decade is Bill Gates with his computer kingdom and the largest pocket in the world? Or it is Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google search machines who launched his work in 1998 at the zero financial support and relations and who managed to earn approximately 20 billions by the year 2008? Many men, many minds, as the saying states though there are rare people who can argue one the matter that sisters Olsen are real business ladies with the perfect business instinct who are able to earn the fortune without any help and this ability is worth discussing.

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History of Umbrella

Thursday, 29 January 2009

history umbrella We have seen evidence of umbrellas in the ancient art and artifacts of Egypt and China so we assume that these are the historical motherlands of umbrella where they were privileges of kings and lords like fans mostly. This invention dated the XI century AC. Primarily the umbrellas were designed to protect exclusively from the sun. And the average umbrella weight more than 2 kg (!), and the handle was about 1,5 m length.

It is known that the umbrella was used as a screen from the sun in the Ancient Egypt time and in Babylon. A very curious fact refers to this, yet the umbrella became a symbol of power. In ancient times in the Far East only royalties or high-ranking court was allowed to wear umbrellas. From the East umbrellas smoothly moved to Ancient Greece and then to Rome where predominantly women used umbrellas. In the West Europe far back in the middle ages  the umbrella was not a customary item and only in the XVII  century the umbrella got popular in France (the other word is parasol) and was used the same with masks as protection from sun. And only in the XVIII century it was acknowledged and largely used as a screen from the rain as well.

People tried to favorably use umbrellas for whatever practical reasons. For instance, in the end of the XIX century they invented the incredible alternative of turning the umbrella into the manual lightning protector. With this purpose a long metal stem was mounted from the above that was connected with the ground by the wire. The umbrella wearer hidden under the silk tent was tightly holding a wooden handle, as an insulator. In the mid 20s the USA offered using an umbrella not to protect from rain or sun but from street attacks. When pressing the handle of the umbrella, it would release tear gas directly towards the aggressor and at the same time alarm was triggered. Nevertheless, an umbrella remains just an umbrella but not the weapon for self-defense and till now it's still protecting us foul weather.

Fashion for umbrella

An umbrella can be widely used not only for purposes to protect you from rain or sun, or just a fashion garment.  You can happily use it as a stick, it can hide you better than any hat with veil and if and when necessary, it may be used to protect from whatever...

Long-long before Madam Fashion appeared the weather was the principal thing to dictate to primitive tailors. The weather itself provided a human being with cloth materials, and the weather determined and appropriated its form and the needs proper. It is quite natural that natives of northern latitude robe in fells, and tropical natives wear loincloth weaved from the fibers.

Outwear of the other nations did not undergo sea changes, it changed gradually instead; accordingly the weather conditions and national traditions. However, it does not to say that in Europe the climate was so favorable to cultivate fashion trends. The history does not say about influence of the weather to fashion development, however it brings lots of examples of discrepancies between them. The vogue has always been in martial spirit with the weather and acts of God that form climate on our planet. And very often the number of victims in this one-sided fight is quite considerable.

Since antiquity time until up-to-date the dialogue of European women with the sun was quite sad. The sun used to burn their perfect pale skin making it red or brown that brought freckles on their forehead an and nose. In ancient Greek times there a headwear was practiced that protected from the sun in the form of the disc with broad brims and sharp bottom that is fastened to the upper coverlet like a shawl and shifted jointly with it depending of the sun position. In the southern countries an umbrella has always been an integral element of the women outfit. It was now and then replaced by a sunshade or a special veil protecting from wind and cold. However, when the hat became larger than the table of the pauper in size, it cannot be explained but the vagary of fashion since it is impossible to explain at all. There was no logic to refer to the sun. And only in the XV century ladies took off their hats when reddish shade of hair fell into vogue. They only did it to expose their heads to the sun and have their dark hair faded and acquired the desired shade.

Women thought of the rain more than neutral. They merely did not go out in rainy seasons. In the last resort a parasol was practiced. Thus, the «Frauenzimmerlexikon» published in 1715, said that parasol (meaning, umbrella) is a screen from rubber sheet used for protection from sun burns, and the rain either. That time the umbrellas can be opened and shut.

From the end of the XIX century the fashion undergo sea changes every 5 to 10 years. An ordinary fashion trend again promises an «ultimate real beauty», a longing to conform with often make one look ridiculous. Therefore one should bear in mind the style and image we create. A classic business-like costume does not stand «gay» motives and patterns in the neighborhood. And by the same argument one should not wear a light crêpe de Chine dress of «flying silhouette» and at the same time a bulky black umbrella. And the most appropriate way is two-three umbrellas available to match your basic styles (like business-like, sporty and romantic or business-like and youth). And this way you will look 100% perfect.

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Furla – the Italian Brand of Handbags

Any woman who loves herself and want to improve her style with all fashion changes will state that shoes and handbags should be as many as she needs. A handbag is the female fetish for ever days, and when the fetish is from Italy – she is crushed. A Furla Company has made something impossible when it made affordable the handbags it manufactures. The handbags of the Company are luxury details which symbolize the Italian style with unique traditions of handicraft.

Wedding Suits for Men – How to Look Like an Ideal Groom

From the old times the wedding gown of the bride is talked and discussed by everyone who is involved in the wedding event, and even at the part and after the part the dress is the major topic of discussion. Nevertheless, the wedding event is when tow of them becomes united as the whole thing. Before they go together, hand in hand, towards the ups and downs of the life, they have to pose and lots of pictures of them are taken, and the couple is exerts the attention of everyone’s attention. Thus, the groom’s suit deserves the same solemn consideration and discussion and involvement as the wedding gown. Moreover, the suit requires more rules to follow.

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Jasmine in Perfume – East and West in a Single Bottle

Rose is the alleged Queen of flowers for over centuries and its smell is used in many spheres of our life its smell is like must-have for many average manufacturers since it is not expensive and affordable. And the smell of rose is pleasant, still. Though, if we disregard the velvet rose petals with its magic scent, then the only flower to compete with the rose is jasmine.

Makeup for Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are common, but they are far from ordinary. Despite the fact that gray color is sometimes called inexpressive and unremarkable, gray eyes are not as simple as they seem at first glance. Gray eyes are sort of natural «chameleons», as they often change color depending on the lighting. Blue eyes can also look gray at times. Women wanting to play to that unusual color should use eye make-up that will accent the natural tones within their eyes. Gray/blue eyes will look best in one set of colors while gray/green eyes will likely look better in something else altogether. Sometimes it is advisable to play around with a few colors to determine which ones deliver the specific effect desired.