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Pink Diamonds Fascinating Luxury

Pink diamonds are believed to be assigned for beautiful ladies, this is an absolute statement and these gems are totally associated with charming beauties who nicely chirp when admiring at the diamonds. A pink diamond on a female hand is like a n unveiling tender orchid which attracts the look, touches and gives the feeling of joy and satisfaction. The diamonds of the glamour and romantic color are too rare in nature and therefore they are too highly appreciated by the gem lovers. Those who are willing to invest in pink diamonds will also win. This is a precious stone which is too hard to get at the jewelry store though pink diamond jewels are worth admiration and they really prove their cost.

Aishwarya Rai from Bollywood to Hollywood

Aishwarya Rai can boast to be published at over seventeen thousand sites people visit every day. She is the first Indian beautiful woman with the figure at the Madame Tussaud’s and the first Indian actress who was invited as a jury member for the Cannes International Movie Festival. Her prosperity is the subject of discussion and rumors in Hollywood and she is believed to earn around fifteen million dollars to star in a single movie.

Principles by Beyonce Knowles: the More She Earns - the Less She Spends

Beyonce Knowles is the woman known to any person who is familiar to music. She is rather beautiful woman and she is owing to her parents and genes for her exotic beautiful look. Her genealogy tree can reveal Spaniards, French people, American Indians, aborigines of the Canary Islands and many other we can never guess. Second, she is very talented person. Her career as a member to the R&B girl’s band Destiny’s Child, and then as a solo singer is really impressive. She also makes small but very confident steps into the industry of cinema. Yet, she is hard-working and as a result she is a wealthy person and recently she was acknowledged as the wealthiest young celebrities among others.

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L-carnitine - A Magic Supplement?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

l carnitineL-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid which plays a vital role in the metabolism of fat. It transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, the metabolic furnace of the cell. L-carnitine presents in the human organism. Humans can synthesize L-carnitine from the amino acids lysine and methionine in a multi-step process.

Usually, the body can make all the carnitine it needs. Some people, however, may be deficient in carnitine because their bodies cannot make enough carnitine or transport it into tissues so it can be used properly. Some studies showed that chronic fatigue syndrome may be caused by deficiencies in a variety of nutrients, including carnitine.

Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer's and obesity are some of disease which you can come across if long term deficiency of L-Carnitine exists.

All told, L-carnitine is supposed to take as a treatment for many conditions. Some of the conditions are serious enough to intake L-carnitine, and in those cases the supplement should be administered under the supervision of your doctor, as an adjunct therapy to the main medicine only. In case of fatigue or improving exercise performance carnitine appears safe but of less effect.

L-carnitine is added as the component of high quality nutrient mixtures and milk substitutes for infants which prove on safety of food supplements containing L-carnitine.

Dietary carnitine is found in a number of foods, particularly in meat, milk and other diary products. Poultry contain somewhat less carnitine, while fruits and vegetables have negligible amounts (the note for vegetarians). If you exclude meat from your diet being a vegetarian, you may replenish all required for your organism substances taking L-carnitine.

Considering this fact, you should recognize that a diet containing sufficient amounts of essential amino acids will provide the necessary building blocks for our bodies to synthesize sufficient quantities of carnitine without taking it furthermore.

L-carnitine is recommended if you have cardio-vascular diseases, hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke and hepatic steatosis. It is also advised to prevent atherosclerosis and excess weight.

If you feel like cleaning your organism from waste and toxins, you'd better take some supplements containing L-carnitine and the effect will be obvious.

L-carnitine is believed to alleviate alcohol-induced liver damage. This is a serious solution for those who want to get cured only by administering L-Carnitine in proper volumes.

L-Carnitine is also supposed to be one of the best supplements in the industry of drugs which can help you loose excess weight. To kick start your weight loss program you can take some supplements which are always an added advantage to your weight management. Remember that any supplement is just a tool to the overall weight management program not something to use alone. L-carnitine accelerates the speed of fat acids splitting, it increases metabolism process, provides the protein synthesis which is necessary for muscular growth and lowers the appetite.

L-carnitine plays a significant role in the function of cardiovascular system. Patients with heart function impairment are observed to have low L-carnitine of the myocardium. Due to that the cardiac beat reduces and tissues of the organism are not supplied with sufficient blood. Here, L-carnitine helps to regulate the function of the myocardium. In addition L-carnitine reduces the extent of heart stroke and is the good remedy from coronary disease.

Deficit of energy, exhaustion, reduction of focus and indifference is all what we call chronic fatigue. L-carnitine helps to improve the physical condition due to positive role of the substance in transport of energy. L-carnitine is recommended when your organism is short of energy and poorly needs it.

L-carnitine is the essential supplement in sport world. It helps the sportsmen do with long intensive training lessons and stand maximum load of preparation sessions to significant contents. L-carnitine reduces the time a sportsman needs to rehabilitate after the complex training sessions, helps to be in good shape and strengthens the muscular tissue. If you are not the professional sportsman but an amateur and visit the fitness club a couple of times a week, you may take some L-carnitine supplement before you start coaching. It supplies energy and burns fat during physical exercises

Pregnant women are recommended that they take this supplement throughout the pregnancy period to supply the organism with energy, to give the opportunity for the fetus to develop and to ease delivery. L-carnitine is also good during lactation period. However, you'd better consult your doctor before you get this supplement.

L-carnitine is greatly in demand by people who bear serious physical loads like geologists, miners, oilmen, builders, mountaineers, loggers, hunters and military men.

According to some surveys L-carnitine does not cause side effects, yet it is non-addictive stuff, and can be recommended to take in cycles with intervals.

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Tonia  - l-carnitine   |2010-03-15 12:09:51
I am taking l-carnitine to help me with weight loss (already on a diet). Would you please tell me at what time of the day am I suppose to take it i.e before lunch, after lunch, before sleep, during day?
Kaitlin  - Reply   |2010-03-19 06:38:20
I was told to take it before you eat in the morning and before lunch, take it on a empty stomach.
Nancy  - how to make it more effecttive   |2010-03-19 11:14:52
how to make it more effecttive,after eat?
Anonymous  - re: how to make it more effecttive   |2010-04-13 14:20:06
Nancy wrote:
how to make it more effecttive,after eat?

yes, usually after eating consume this
it should breakdown the fats in ur food and convert into energy.
dory   |2010-05-21 16:32:39
i need your help cause i need to have a nice body without fat and i try to many medicament who help to lose fat but i still the same ! Need your help but i have hypertension in blood !!
Anonymous   |2010-06-26 11:07:08
You need to take two tablespoons a day, proper diet and proper workout routine
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