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How To Wear A Wrist Watch Properly – The Lesson of Style

When purchasing watches, no one is questioned with how to wear watches, actually. This appears to be logical and rational. Nevertheless, the simplest things happen to be complicated sometimes. Everything is made from details and details sometimes mean far more than the whole. People who really wander how to wear watches properly exist and they are really concerned in this issue.

Cigar Lighters – Torches To Splash Delight

The Cuban leader Fidel Castro, a revolutionary Che Gevara, politicians Winston Churchill and Bill Clinton, writers Somerset Maugham and Mark Twain, the actor and the political figure Arnold  Schwarzenegger – these names are well-known and these figures are best known to the world for their political, social, literary and other achievements. Moreover, the abovementioned people highly esteem cigar smoking and, thus, they come as people who own the greatest number of tools and accessories so requisite for this leisurely process and among others there are cigar lighters.

Crystal Glass Tableware – A Song of Crystal

In the light of a variety and availability of glass items, glass ware is still appreciated by plenty people, especially when it comes to cut glass. The cut glass produces a long, lingering and musical tune when you put your finger at the cut-glass edge. So, in Japan the craftsmen make unique musical instruments. A crystal violin, completely transparent, is estimated for fifty thousand USD. Crystal glass tableware is not so much expensive though it is able to produce the charming, unique and so brittle music providing it is properly cared.

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Slimming Massage

Sunday, 06 September 2009

slimming massageThere is no doubt that proper massage helps to improve overall health and well-being. Nutritionists and fitness counselors believe that the healthiest method to lose weight is to combine well-balanced diet and sports. A special slimming massage could be a nice addition to the exercise, which can significantly accelerate burning of fat. You do not believe that massage can help in the fight against excess weight? You're wrong there, as massage has a number of benefits.

Benefits of Slimming Massage

Massage stimulates blood circulation. It improves the exchange of useful substances between blood and connective tissue, as well as increases the blood flow to the muscles. The point is that during exercise muscle are strained, and massage helps to restore them to healthy condition. In addition, this procedure stimulates blood circulation, thereby improving muscles oxygenation. As a result, muscles grow in size. And as we know, the bigger are muscles, the more calories it burns.

Moreover, massage improves muscle elasticity which increases stamina and strength. In addition, it reduces the risk of injury or aids speedy recovery in case of injury.

Massage also promotes faster recovery after exercise sessions. The point is that while you are exercising, lactic acid is formed in your muscles, which accounts for post-exercise muscle ache. A massage helps to dissolve it thereby accelerating the recovery of the body.

Fast and rhythmic massage movements help to break subcutaneous fat, thereby killing two birds with one stone: you are losing weight and get rid of cellulite.

However, even such useful thing as massage has contraindications, including the following:

General Contraindications to Massage

  1. First trimester of pregnancy
  2. Fever
  3. Wounds or lesions, skin irritation or burns
  4. Inflammatory processes in the body
  5. Heavy bruising of skin
  6. Varicose veins and embolism
  7. Infectious diseases of the skin
  8. Cancer
  9. Fractures and dislocations

Types of Slimming Massage

Probably, you're wondering if all types of massage are suitable for fighting excess weight. Of course, not. Pressing movements in slimming massage should be strong enough in order to affect fat deposits.

Point Massage

It is a popular belief that point massage or acupressure (a blend of «acupuncture» and «pressure») can help you to lose weight. This massage technique has been practiced for over 5 000 years and it has proven to be highly effective. There are several points in our body which we can trigger to accelerate slimming process.

The first point is located on the ear; it controls appetite. To find this point, put your fingers on the jaw, open your mouth, find the hollow in a place where the ear is connected to the jaw. Apply pressure and keep doing this for a minute.

Next, find the point on the outer part of the legs by putting 4 fingers below your ankle. By applying pressure to this point you can abate your appetite.

«Jian Jing» is located on the back where shoulders are joined to the neck. Apply pressure for one minute. 

«Tian Shu» are located on both sides of the navel. To find these points, move two inches directly to the side outward from your navel in both directions. Press in and hold for one minute.

This massage technique is designed to address the principal culprit of obesity (in most cases) which is overeating. By applying pressure to these acupuncture points, you can control your eating behavior and be will be pleasantly surprised soon.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

This type of massage not only helps to fight cellulite, but also to get rid of the extra weight. During the procedure, you will be rubbed, massaged and slapped. Theoretically, this is believed that some fat pockets may be ruptured by massage and result in a reduction of the pitted appearance of cellulite. In addition, you lose weight. And if essential oils are used during the massage session, the efficiency will increase significantly.

Anti-cellulite massage can be done both at home and in the beauty spa, either with your hands, or by special devices. The choice is entirely up to you, although when performed by the professional the procedure yields much better results.

Swedish Massage

This is the most popular type of massage. Swedish massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness, improving blood circulation and thus helping to lose weight. This massage technique uses five styles of long flowing strokes which are effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), taponement (rhythmic tapping), friction, etc. Essential oil is frequently used during the massage.

These are the most common types of massage that can be used to lose weight. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as slimming massage per se. Therefore, for this purpose, any suitable type of massage which involves applying deep pressure will do. Massage movements do not necessarily have to be quick.

Of course, massage cannot compare with exercise, but it can accelerate the process of weight loss, improve the appearance of skin and overall health.

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