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Venetian Plasterwork

Venetian Plaster is the finishing technique when thin layers of plaster are applied with a spatula or trowel and then the smooth surface is created on the base of illusion of depth and texture. Venetian plaster is American-made term for the variety of different techniques and materials used to create the polished stucco finish. Venetian Plaster tells about its glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone to the design of your interior. The lavish and smooth finish is layered with the double-tone appearance of marble surfaces bringing the visual attention and charm. Natural marble is exceptional in Italy, however, it is the material for prosperous people to afford and, thus, the local craftsmen would aspire to create amazing less valuable of higher usability, and finally they came to the Venetian plasterwork.  

Sitting Room Furniture

A sitting-room is a place which is mainly decorated and designed to meet guests. This is the place where people sit and spend the time discussing over something. The dining room is for the loud parties and feasts. The meal is taken in the dining room and guests – in the sitting room, to be stated by one of classic writers. When you can boast with the apartments of eight rooms there, this is a perfect base to follow this principle providing you have a small family. The modern flats are rather smaller, unfortunately, and the place is used for many purposes then.

Niello – Ancient Jewelry Traditions

When passing by the windows of the jewelry shop, we stop to stare at those silver items with the ornament, whether intentionally or not. The frozen ornaments are encircled with the black paint in thinnest line against the silver glass. The lock of niello is fancifully twisted to admire. The Niello technique, nowadays almost forgotten, is one of the oldest ornamenting techniques in the world. The jewelry from niello perfectly shade a gentle woman skin and those made for men emphasize the status and individual style of wearer. The silver is created with the tint of aristocratism, lavishly and worthy to come to collections of family jewels. Niello is a black metallic alloy of copper, silver, sulfur, and lead, used as an inlay on engraved metal. It can be used for filling in designs cut from metal.

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Shoulder Pads - Actual Trend for Fall-Winter 2009/2010

Thursday, 19 November 2009

shoulder pads In the '80s shoulder pads were used with almost everything in the wardrobe, from jackets and blazers to evening dresses and casual tops. Some time later high shoulders were successfully forgotten and outdated, though this fall they are the actual trend to serve for a trendy and a powerful woman of today. That trendy item became actual thanks to Christophe Decarnin, the Creative Manager to the French House of Balmain. It was Decarnin who reincarnated such a recognizable element of the '80s when he launched collections for Spring-Summer 2009 with a line of military-styled jackets and dresses with shoulder pads.

The passion for Balmain that the fashion world was seized with was productive to the extent that in the beginning of this year the other designers followed Balmain and presented Fall-Winter'09-10 ensembles styled '80s, from Donna Karan and Louis Vuitton to Julien Macdonald and Jean Paul Gaultier. The trend is believed to origin from the '80s though the true prototype of the style was that of the post-war epoch. After the World War II, when all women had to quit from conventional women roles they functioned as men. Respectively, the fashion changed and after the elegant femininity of the '20s and '30s the new vision of women was practiced in abstemious costumes with square-styled skirts and shoulder pads.

High shoulders apparently specified authority and aggressiveness though at the same time they make the silhouette slimmer. But high shoulders are not that fashionable thing to suit everyone; for some women this item works, like Posh or singer Rihanna who look nice and attractive wearing shoulder pads. Shoulder pads can be tremendously risky to the self-esteem and image of those women who wear them wrongly or with the wrong styles. 
Victoria Beckham and Rihanna are probably two of the most bright examples in this sense. Posh used the shoulder pads to highlight and make her slender figure harsher for an astonishing example of power dressing, while Rihanna is doing it as a statement that, where style and boldness are apprehended, she has no match. Other celebrities have already used shoulder-pad clothes.

Thanks to the appearance of New Look, the legendary collection by Christian Dior, the trend that was the pre-image of the style of the coming '80s in the second half of the forties was smoothed by femininity and stylishness of works by the French designer. The image of a powerful woman was recollected some time later, in the year 1975, when flowery prints and loose flying silhouettes of blouses were in the great fame. Soon after, the founder of the fashionable brand Biba, the designer Barbara Hulanicki, launched fur coats with high shoulders. She was followed by Ossie Clark and Bill Gibb who used shoulder pads to add some distinctness to their romantic chiffon ensembles in the end of seventies. The other «forefather» of high shoulders is the celebrated French couturier Yves Saint Laurent. In 1966 the designer opened his iconic Le Smoking, a manly smoking only for women. Owing to Saint Laurent the pantsuit became far more sexual for women for the accented thin waist matched with high shoulders. Later on, Bianca Jagger contributed to popularization of such pantsuits and when she married to Mick Jager in 1980, she wore a white smoking with shoulder pads, and then she regularly appeared in similar jackets in public.

The beginning of the eighties is memorable for the appearance of Margaret Thatcher, the «Iron Lady» of Britain, the first female Premier Minister. Opposing to men-conservatives, Thatcher managed to make women-politicians be considered and her thoroughly designed image played a noteworthy role in it. High shoulders worn by Margaret Thatcher symbolized a powerful and strong woman, and even a string of pearls or a brooch worn to add some classic femininity could not deceive and fade the image.

In the middle of the eighties many women imitated the figure of the character played by Melanie Griffith in «Business woman» movie or actresses from the legendary soap opera «Dynasty». As for men, they were not aside of the fashion and they liked the image created by the legendary Pop King Michael Jackson when he set trend for a military-styled jackets with shoulder pads. At the end of the day, it was Michael Jackson who made high shoulders come back in fashion. His favorite military-styled jackets were the source of inspiration for Christophe Decarnin from Balmain followed by other designers.

Today a jacket with high shoulders is an absolute must-have for this fall; and more and more Hollywood celebrities try on shoulder-pads with decorative epaulets encrusted with Swarovski crystals. And the largest fashion brands showed the example to cheaper retailers, from Topshop to New Look with collections launching really elegant jackets with high shoulders.

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Fashion of 18th Century – the End of Royal Luxury

XVIII century is the regal annals of royal dynasty ends and tragedy of revolutions. In the world of fashion this time is also revolutionary. The decline of royal families and the new epoch of the developing capitalism brought to the rejection of traditions in costumes that transformed to the slightest extent throughout the century and appearance of new tendencies, drastically new for the time. Historians called the century as the «courteous» epoch in France that efficiently influenced the world of fashion. The new careless time occurred in there followed the reign of Louis XIV with light graceful dresses and costumes.

Men’s Muffler – a Scarf with the French Accent

Muffler is a kerchief or a scarf which seems to be uncomplicated for use though it sometimes confuses in purpose. The word coming from the French «cache-nez» means «hide your nose» which is completely unreasonable for this garment today. On the contrary, this piece of clothes proves to be the decorative element in the wardrobe in every possible way. However, this does make neither men nor women upset for not a jot, since there are far more considerable garments in volume and material to use if necessary. A muffler is a perfect complement to the elegant apparel with the hint of being aristocratic which is too essential for the business image.

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Flower by Kenzo: a Japanese Fragrance Born in Europe

Flower by Kenzo is the most popular Kenzo fragrance for women. Created in 2000, it is an imaginary scent of a red poppy flower which is really scentless. Many people were positively shocked by the ad campaign for Flower by Kenzo, though this sweet, powdery floral fragrance was conceived with the intention to link nature to life in the city, like living in a modern jungle of high-paced contemporary city. Produced by Kenzo, Japan, Flower was created by the perfumer Alberto Morillas, Spain, and "dressed" by designer Serge Mansau, France.

Radon Baths: The Healing Power of Radiation

Radon baths are a variety of the radon therapy, prepared using mineral waters containing radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless radioactive gas that is formed from the naturally occurring radioactive decay of radium and uranium. The main working factor of radon are alpha rays which have an array of properties and are successfully used in the treatment of peripheral nervous system, locomotorium, vascular, gynecological and some cutaneous diseases and also post-burn complications. During radon bath, unstable products of radon decay form the so called «active fur» on the skin, and its concentration increases even with slight movements of the patient in the bath or in the basin. It consolidates its grip on one's skin firmly enough and remains on the skin for 2-3 hours. The patient, being in the bath, is exposed to radon radiation which penetrates the skin and through the lungs into the blood flow.