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Liliane Bettencourt – Money Does Smell

The names of people who can boast with their wealth are known to anyone and their personal and social life exerts the attention of the wide public and mass media either. Nevertheless, the cases are not rare when too wealthy people prefer living a restricted life and the details of their life are revealed only when scandals occur. Liliane Bettencourt, the heiress and owner of the cosmetic empire L’Oreal, grasped the same fate.

Monica Bellucci – an Italian beauty

No surprising to see beautiful women around us. There are lots of very beautiful women around us. There is a plenty of sex-symbols who appear with the frequency of once a year in tabloids. And as the contrast with those of them, there are women who are difficult to fall into any category of women. Such legends of various epochs as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and  Catherine Deneuve cannot be confused with changing sex-symbols of our times. And Monica Bellucci belongs to the rare category of women who grew over the category of just sex-symbols. The most beautiful women are believed to appear and live in Russia and in Italy.

Olsen Sisters: Siblings or Profitable Business Brand?

Do you think the wealthiest businessman of the last decade is Bill Gates with his computer kingdom and the largest pocket in the world? Or it is Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google search machines who launched his work in 1998 at the zero financial support and relations and who managed to earn approximately 20 billions by the year 2008? Many men, many minds, as the saying states though there are rare people who can argue one the matter that sisters Olsen are real business ladies with the perfect business instinct who are able to earn the fortune without any help and this ability is worth discussing.

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Igor Chapurin

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Igor ChapurinIgor Chapurin, 39, was involved in the world of fashion from a very tender age. He is widely known to open public for his Haute Couture «Russian straw». And apart from it he made popular Venetian fabric, Byzantine fanciful pattern and a color palette so individual to artistic traditions of the Russian vanguard. It seems like Chapurin inherited his passion to fashion. His grandfather was the first one to open Soviet textile factories on production of linen, his father reorganized sewing enterprises and his mother heads the large Russian knitting factory. Thus, the future profession was doomed for Igor Chapurin, as the garment designer and the fashion artist.

Chapurin started his first press-conference saying, «When I was younger...».  When he was only 2б he already succeeded in life. Igor Chapurin was born in 1968; he graduated from the Vitebsk Engineering School qualified in «women wear design» and worked as an artist-designer at the High Class Fashion Salon in Vitebsk. In 1991 he was accepted as the first-year student at the Institute of Engineering in Vitebsk. And he followed selfish ends since he was planning to take part in the Competition of Young Designers held to honor Nina Ricci and only students were allowed to that. And Chapurin was lucky, he fell in the top ten winners and in December 1992 he visited Paris presenting Russia at the Х International FestiIgor Chapurinval of Young Designers. The Competition was sponsored by the UNESCO and such celebrities as Sonia Rykiel, Kenzo and Pierre Cardin were presented in the jury. Paris newspapers published that another star is shined in Vitebsk after Chagal. 

After Igor was trained in Paris, he was invited by the Company «Мах Мага». However he rejected that offer. The young designer was offered rather alluring perspectives - he proceeded to creating dresses for the Beauty Queens. So, starting from the year 1992 all Russian beauties competing for «Miss World», «Miss Universe», «Miss Europe», «Miss International», «Miss Eurasia and Oceania», «Miss Russia» and so forth presented evening gowns by Igor Chapurin. Dresses by Chapurin are likely to bring luck and in 1993 Yulia Alekseeva was awarded «Vice-Miss Europe» in her elegant outfit by Igor Chapurin made of 45 meters of green silk fabric with rococo elements. Following such success Igor receives invitations to design seven evening gowns for the finalists of the first «Miss Russia» Competition.

In October 1993 Elmira Shamsutdinova was awarded «Vice-Miss International» in the gown by Igor Chapurin that brought her luck.

Fall-Winter 1994-95 is likely the most notable time in a designer's life. In December 1994 Chapurin launched his collection at the International Fashion Holiday in Bulgaria. And February 1995 was quite significant in his biography to note: he first presented his collection in Moscow. His debut was named ‘То Russia With Love' since then his name was far more popular in the West than at home. The exhibition took place in «Metropolis» Hotel. Roger Zeiler, the President of the French Committee of Elegance who purposefully arrived to Moscow on this occasion not only acknowledged his collection to conform the European requirements but also placed order for thirty costumes for «Miss Europe-96» Show. And Tamara Gverdtsiteli, the singer, requested that Igor Chapurin would make a dress for her significant performance at Carnegie Hall. While working with this particular collection Igor invented his know-how in embroidery. It was like, «I was short of time, and there was no sense to hire more embroideress. And so I took fittings during days and at nights I embroidered creating something new. And finally I managed to combine golden items, beads and corals in one embroidery work. Later on I showed my ready collection to embroiderers and found out that none of them could repeat it. Since my embroidery was made beyond any fancywork canons. In addition, Moscow got astonished by Chapurin when he dressed the dark-skinned French model Eugenie in the Russian kokoshnik (Russian headwear) embroidered with pearls.

In November 1995 Igor Chapurin successfully released another collection «Night Fashion: today and yesterday». And this time Tatyana Vasilyeva, a popular artist of Russia, strolled the stage along with other models wearing a dress by Chapurin.

December 1995 was a hot time for Igor: he designed models of outfit for the employees of «Rene Garraud» boutique and cocktail dresses for presentation of Estee Lauder products. Iren Golitsina, the Italian designer, showed a great interest to his works, and there was time when she gained popularity by creating palazzo pajamas designed for traveling women. Her works were greatly appreciated by Jacqueline Kennedy, Greta Garbo and Elizabeth Taylor. And Golitsina suggested that the young designer create women product line under the trade name ‘Galitzine'.

Igor Chapurin preferably works for solid women over thirty who are capable of perceiving aesthetic nuances of his ego ideas and his muses are presented by three women - Alla Demidova, Tatyana Vasilyeva and Marianna Petrovskaya. Marianna is the image of Givenchy cosmetic line Igor Chapurinand journalists of West find her face ideal and angel like. After photo session in dresses by Chapurin, Marianna stated, «My look is treated more gently and womanly here. The image created by Igor Chapurin appeared to be very close to me and it was a discovery for me».

Between 1997 and 1998 Igor Chapurin develops the first pret-a-porter de luxe line by the invitation of the princess Iren Golitsina at the famous Italian Fashion House Galitzine that made attires for Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren. In 1998 Chapurin won the ultimate prize of the association - The Golden Mannequin. The related collection «Sevastopol, November 20s...» was devoted to the friend and teacher, Irina Golitsina, the Princess, and all Russian emigrant, their courage during expatriation, their constancy and beauty. The Prize «Golden Mannequin» (1998), the Russian National Award - «Ovation» (1999), the «Style Prize-98» Harper's Bazaar Russia. All these awards granted to Igor Chapurin as a designer witness of acknowledgment of the original artistic concept typical to CHAPURIN COUTURE House. In its turn it allowed professionals to state on appearance of the Russian Company of high European level. And in March 1999 following these landmarks Chapurin became a brand and the Chapurin Fashion House was born and a boutique opened in Moscow, in the ancient commerce street Myasnitskaya.

In his work Chapurin is always the first to try the latest technology: he weaves straws himself, he embroiders his pieces with beads and artificial stones, he sculptures bustier from papier-mâché decorated with Venetian lace. And the works of Igor Chapurin are really many-faceted. He designs interior, he creates costumes for theater performances and movies, and he makes designs of jewelry. Thus, in 1997 under the designs by Chapurin the costumes were made for the famous play, «Vocal Parallels» by Rustam Khamdamov; yet, in 1998 he made Haute Couture for the theater performance «The Woe from Being Shrewd» using tailor's traditions of the XIX century. In 1999 CHAPURIN COUTURE Company created its first jewelry, in cooperation with Vasily Konovalenko Art. They created the first jewelry collection CHAPURIN COUTURE - a winter tale from the diamonds and dark-blue sapphires from Sri-Lanka.

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