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Alexandrite a Gem for Kings

Alexandrite is the unique mineral among the other stones which are highly appreciated. Subject to international pricing catalogue, faceted pure 1-3 carat alexandrite from the Urals with the intensive effect of color changing costs from two to twenty thousand dollars per carat, while the less pure alexandrite from the same Urals will take you one to four thousands per carat. A big size stone is rare and if it is worth paying fortunes for something that is not a diamond?

Adriana Lima a Modest Supermodel

It seems that most top models from all over the world correspond to the particular stereotype and life style when their biography is examined. Supermodels are mainly too ambitious women with some delusions of grandeur, though. They aspire to exploit all their beauty and grace gifted by nature, youth when they are fifteen to twenty and the diligence to earn as much money as possible to become the idol for the weaker sex and the object of desire from the stronger sex.

Signet Rings Sign of Reputation and Power

Both men and women are welcome to wear signet rings, though men are more attracted by these jewelry items. Signet ring for women is just the luxury accessory while that for men is the symbol of the particular image and authority.

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Shoes Boots: Autumn Shoes of Fashion

Thursday, 22 October 2009

shoes bootsShoes boots is something between the shoes and boots. This is the ideal kind of shoes for early autumn. They are usually very feminine, they tightly fit the ankles but they do not cover the calves, and actually they come in various styles, from the simplest and most practical things to the ones decorated with zippers, clasps, lacing and even bows.

One of the most actual trends of this year is cut out shoes boots. At first blush this kind of shoes is quite outrageous, though on the second thought it is fairly convenient and very trendy. Cut out shoe boots is best for first weeks of autumn when summer shoes are too late to wear since it is too cold already, but the weather is yet not rainy and quite sunny to walk in open shoes.

As well as shoes with open toe, Shoes boots keep the same fashion. They are fairly attractive and very womanly. They may be worn with panty hoses, though the autumn collections of the leading designers' cut out shoe boots perfectly go with the trendy fancy tights. Shoes boots with open toes are seen in autumn collections by Alexander McQueen, Marni, Hermes, Stella McCartney, and Mark Jackobs.

Shoes boots and their charming beauty are also experienced and greatly loved by Hollywood celebrities. These chic shoes were greatly reputed by Hollywood celebs and trendsetters, from Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna and Cameron Diaz to Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham. The majority of Hollywood celebrities prefer wearing shoe-boots with open toes and short skirt with the purpose to emphasize slim and slender legs. Though, such shoes boots look perfect to match plain jeans.

Another typical trend of the autumn collections appears to be platform shoes boots. Echoing the global trends, designers try to match the high platform with the firm and stable heels, giving the shoe-boots, in spite of the high heel, the amazing stability and comfort. Prorsum, Gucci, John Galliano, Lanvin, and Nina Ricci launched platform shoes boots which, as a rule, are strengthened with comfortable conic heel, wide at the base and narrow to the end, which is much more fascinating than the classic heel.

Autumn collection also offers shoes boots with sharp, triangle or slightly rounded toes. The narrow toe is coming back in vogue, and the known fashion setters like Roberto Cavalli, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Chado Ralph Rucci, Oscar De La Renta, Balenciaga were all for come back of narrow toes.

As one of the admired and trendy shoes of the fall, shoes boots acquired a feature, both handy and creative. Balenciaga House designers decorated shoes boots made from two-shade suede with decorative bows from soft tissue; John T. Curran decorated his shoes with leopard print, while Matthew Williamson printed zebra stripes on his works. Hermes drew attention to classic suede elegant black shoes boots with decorative golden clasps, and Philippe Lim created his shoes white and black highly-laced shoes boots without a tint of vulgarity. Calvin Klein Collection of shoes boots distinguishes with their unusual heels - half-transparent and futuristic.

Nevertheless, even simple shoes boots are still stylish in their shape: tightly fitting the ankles, mere shoes boots accentuate the grace of a woman's feet by simplicity and chic of design, perfectly demonstrated by the designer works of Nina Ricci, Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta.

Shoes boots perfectly go with almost every garment for autumn wear, from jeans to business suits with shirts. High-heel shoes boots are quite demanded this season. Platform shoes boots are the best solution to wear with jeans, either with mini-skirts or mini dresses, making legs slimmer and slenderer. Classic style shoes boots without any features match anything you fancy to wear for every occasion. And quite a good option for your autumn image you will be panty hoses with unusual prints that are crazy and fashionable this season with any kind of shoes boots making even the simplest outfit look elegant and eye-catching.  

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Corrective Lingerie the Sculptor of your Shapes

The news is not the corrective lingerie with the effect to make the shapes tighter and slimmer. When considering the images of women back in XIX-XX centuries, we can state some peculiarities typical to the woman silhouette, like the high bosom, thin waist, rounded thighs (or just the skirt creating this false impression). Recollecting the canons of women beauty which were far from the skinny shapes of some mature women, we realize that a lady looked shapely in one area and slim in the other thanks to the special lingerie.

Tiny Luxury Evening Handbags

Evening handbag is the most elegant pattern of a woman handbag that stays tiny and traditionally decorative element. The evening or theater handbag is not a customary clutch though they look similar in size. The clutch grows to be the compliment to the daily business or casual ensemble as it is seen by the latest fashion tendencies 2010. The clutch is tiny and laconic when the evening handbag exerts the attention with plenty of decorative elements, embroidery and stresses. The fabric also matters.

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Lipofilling - Keeping Beauty Back?

Lipofilling is known to be the technique used to create a permanent filler effect by extracting fat from the area in the abdomen or thighs and re-injecting it somewhere else, usually into the face. The procedure is done to replace to volume in the cheek or chin which do not look good with ages, or improve wrinkles.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

A good hairstyle is able to pep any woman up when she is out in the society. A good hairdo makes a woman more confident and she is able to succeed and achieve her tasks u=during a day without thinking of her look. Hair care is something a woman is involved in every day but we need to consider that environmental factors make it look a little bit weak and unhealthy if not cared properly. One may think that thin hair is something to suffer about and face social problems. Thin hair is not the thing to feel miserable that causes you hide your hair under the hats and caps. Thin hair should cause you look after it more thoroughly adding volume, and that’s all.